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Victoria announces that her brother is back at work at Newman. Nick calls Sharon and asks her to come back to be her spokeswoman.

Sharon insists on talking to Jack first.

Nikki confides in Victoria and Nick about Walter and her concern that Victor might have killed him down in Mexico. Nick decides to get Michael to warn Victor while Nikki decides to help throw them off the trail.

Upset to see the press conference on TV, Adam meets Jack who reveals that he's meeting Frank Ellis tonight to discuss the forgery.

River calls Eden and warns her that he's putting their plan into action tonight. He then pops some pills.

Later, after Michael talks about putting Howie on the stand to tell the truth about his father, Lauren tells Michael that River has been taken to the hospital.

There, Eden arrives carrying a bag she with clothes in it.

When she finally gets in to see her father, he "wakes" and takes the bobby pin she slipped him.

While Eden waits in the hall, River opens his handcuffs, dons the clothes Eden brought and crashes through a window to make his escape, as Eden slips away.

Meanwhile, Michael shows the prosecuting attorney the new evidence and convinces the attorney to get bail granted.

Sharon tells Jack about her job offer but states that she won't take it if he doesn't want her to work there.

Hearing about the job offer, Noah asks his mother if she and Nick are getting back together. She reminds her son that she's married and downplays the hug he witnessed.

After Jack assigns him to handle the meeting, Adam claims to be Victor as introduces himself to Frank. Heather finds them together and recognizes Frank as a con man.

Adam plays dumb but later calls Frank to assure him the deal is still on.

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