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Nikki hands J.T. a suitcase. She tells him to do as she says. Discovering his gun is a fake, Michael realizes River wants the police to shoot him.

Complaining about being on the run for 40 years, River admits that he's a coward. Michael tells him about the eyewitness who will now clear him if River will just return to custody.

He agrees and Michael safely walks his father out to the police.

When Phyllis overhears that Billy is living with Amber and tries to warn him about her, Amber orders her to butt out.

A stunned Daniel listens as Phyllis gives Amber two weeks to move her "tacky things" off her property. Home with Jana and Kevin, Amber ends up calling "Love Line" back.

Phyllis hears the radio show and calls in to lay into "Marina" for all that she has done. Daniel tries to get his mother off the phone but then calls in himself and suggests that he's still in love with her.

Using an online dating service, Lily responds to a message from a person named Sonny Crawford. Meanwhile, still at the Chancellor estate, Billy chats online with "Fallout Girl" and agrees to meet her at the Crimson Lights.

There, Lily watches as Cane arrives with Chloe.

She's sickened when he places his hand on her belly to feel the baby kick. When he asks Billy to do the same, Lily walks off. Billy then warns Chloe that he saw Cane and Lily kiss.

Colleen's upset to hear Daniel's voice on the radio, admitting he's still in love with his ex. Jill worries when Esther describes the "senior moments" Kay has been having.

Later, a woman who looks like Kay is seen sitting at a bar, drinking. Hearing what he's done for her father, River quickly embraces him.

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The Young and the Restless
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