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Michael tells Lauren about Howie Sullivan, a possible witness who might help River. Gloria upsets Jeffrey. Upset to see an article in "Rad-X" that River wrote about being a political prisoner, Michael angrily confronts his father and warns him that he's hurting his own case.

Michael runs out after Howie calls about meeting.

Jeffrey is next to see River and tells the man he hopes he ends up in prison for the rest of his life. Showing Nikki the photo of Walter, Heather asks her what role Victor had in the man's death.

When she threatens to have her "charged" if she doesn't answer her, Nikki orders her to take the photo and leave Victor alone.

Michael meets Howie at the Athletic Club where the stranger admits he took a deal years ago to solve his own legal problems.

He explains that the bomb was supposed to be a harmless one but was switched for a real one, unbeknownst to River. He insists River is innocent.

Michael returns home and finds Gloria has found information in the files confirming Howie's claims.

As Karen holds Reed for a minute, Victoria asks her about being a mother.

Karen leaks that she opted out of the idea because her mother died from a disease and she might be carrying the same deadly gene.

Neil advises Lily and Devon that Ana's unhappy in school and wants to quit and just do her music. He urges Devon to call Tyra before calling Ana. Devon tries but can't reach Tyra.

After Kay advises Neil that Tyra seems to have pulled Ana out of school, Devon calls Neil about his own attempt to reach Tyra.

Neil then learns that Tyra's apartment is empty.

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