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Chloe advises Daniel to go after her. Amber talks about the radio argument, and Kay urges her to call Daniel.

Amber eventually does call and leaves a message asking him to meet her at the penthouse. Jill asks Amber about Kay's memory but Amber states that she has no evidence anything is wrong with Kay.

Kay hears her and angrily confronts Jill after Amber leaves, warning her daughter that there is nothing wrong with her memory.

Jill offers her help but Kay ignores her and goes upstairs, leaving Jill behind with tears in her eyes.

When Neil worries about a missing Tyra and Ana, Karen suggests his concern stems from his feelings for Tyra. Neil denies it.

As they argue, Tyra arrives at Indigo, looking for Neil and Ana.

She reveals that she was on a train back to Seattle with Ana when the girl disappeared. Neil tries to calm her and both are relieved when a police officer brings Ana to the club.

Neil gets them to drop any charges pending as Tyra tells the girl that they are going back to Seattle. Devon arrives and quickly embraces Ana.

As Karen listens, Neil urges Tyra to stay in Genoa City until they can decide what to do.

He asks them to stay with him for Devon's sake and for his. Hearing that Daniel admitted on the radio that he still loves Amber, Lily urges Colleen not to accept this and confront him.

When he learns about Lily's decision to go to New York, Cane encourages her and promises that when she comes back, he won't be so pushy.

Daniel greets Amber at the penthouse with a declaration of love and a passionate kiss. Meanwhile, Colleen searches for Daniel.

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The Young and the Restless
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