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Daniel pulls back from kissing Amber and decides that he can't until he ends things with Colleen. As they start up again, Billy interrupts so Daniel runs to find Colleen.

He insists he didn't mean to hurt her.

Amber confides to Billy that she's been ordered to move out of the penthouse. He offers to talk with Phyllis.

Billy then finds Colleen and suggests she's better off without Daniel.

When he asks, Heather informs a curious Adam that she is getting closer to solving the case involving Walter's death.

Later, introducing her father to agents from the FBI and Mexican office of investigation, Heather asks Paul to question Nikki about what happened in Mexico.

Remembering that Karen thinks that Tyra's in love with him, Neil offers Tyra a job at Indigo again. When Devon offers, Tyra agrees to move in with him until she earns enough money for a place of their own.

Karen points out to Neil that he invited Tyra to stay with them but didn't ask Karen first. J.T. arrives at a hotel room in Rio and, registering under the name Christian Miller, leaves behind clothes and a hairbrush Victor used.

He then orders room service to add credence to the ruse. Adam guesses to Jack that Victor went to Mexico to kill Walter.

Boasting that only he can get into the mind of the great Victor Newman, Jack then proceeds to dictate to him the story in "Victor's" own words for the forged diary.

Paul finds Nikki staying at the ranch and claims that the "authorities" are looking for Victor. He warns her about the legal ramifications of what she may or may not be doing. Upset, she asks him to leave.

Before he goes, he notices her suitcases.

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