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J.T. tells Victoria how successful he was setting up "Victor's" Rio hotel room. Nikki arrives in Rio and enters "Victor's" room.

She's upset to find Paul at the door. He announces he's not leaving until Victor returns.

Nikki explains this is all a ruse but he warns her about the danger of doing such a thing. She kicks him out but the Mexican agents arrive, demanding Victor.

She orders them to get out but when they threaten to take her passport, Paul suddenly bursts into the room and claims he just saw Victor outside leaving.

Heather is encouraged to hear Victor's been seen in Rio.

Adam's pleased when Jack finishes dictating the words for the forged diary, muttering that Victor strangled Walter.

Nick announces to Phyllis that Sharon has gone along with his idea and is now back at work at Newman. Sensing she's upset, Nick assures her it was just to insure the "Beauty of Nature" line.

Jack brings Sharon a special gift for her first day back at work.

Sharon runs off for a meeting and later, Nick asks her to contact Phyllis about writing an article about the line for the magazine.

But when Sharon arrives, the two let out their anger towards each other until they both agree to behave better for Nick and Noah's sake.

Nick's upset to hear from Victoria and J.T. about Nikki's scheme.

Heather interrupts with the news about the Victor sighting. Later, Nikki calls and reveals that she's coming home.

Sharon's concerned when she gets a call from the credit card company about a charge at the Genoa City Motor Arms Motel.

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