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Heather updates Adam about Victor being seen in Rio. Heather accuses Paul of trying to warn Nikki about the investigation. Paul denies it.

Nikki returns in all her glory. Nick lays into her for putting herself in danger. He then advises Victoria that he does think their father killed Walter.

Michael advises Eden that he truly believes that his father is innocent. However, he also warns her that her behavior will affect River's trial and asks her to be aware of that.

She agrees to do her best. Talking about an upcoming school trip, Noah tries to convince Eden to sign up for it.

He later tells Sharon that he wants to go to Paris while Lauren encourages Eden to go too. Heather confronts Nikki and, after Michael arrives as her attorney, asks her about Victor.

Michael won't allow her to answer.

The phone interrupts and though Michael claims it's Nick calling Nikki, she realizes it's actually Victor.

Figuring out that she's not alone, he orders her not to tell the police about him. He assures her the truth will come out about what happened in Mexico.

Victor ends their relationship and boasts that he will not contact anyone after this. Hearing Heather is there, Victor orders Michael to put her on the phone.

When Sharon asks him about the motel bill on their charge card, Jack calls it "identity theft" but admits there were no other charges.

On the phone with Jack, Adam warns that they must get their project done by the end of the week since Victor was spotted in South America.

He later reads part of his expose story to Jack who encourages him to rip apart Victor even more.

As he leaves, Jack laughs at how he's fooled Adam. When Adam leaves the motel room, Paul spots him. Nick tells Victoria that the chateau in France Sabrina bought for Victor was burned.

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