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Jana tells Victoria and Nikki that Sabrina valued the egg over all other possessions. Marge, the Kay lookalike, greets her old friend.

Admitting she came because she saved her life, Kay accuses her of being drunk. Proud of it, Marge remembers when Clint found her in the diner and she didn't know he was planning to kidnap Kay and Esther.

Marge asks about Esther and Kay reveals that she had the baby she was carrying at the time. She offers to help her stop drinking and orders the bartender to cut her off.

When Kay returns, Jill's upset that she'll only say she was with a friend. Jack blasts Adam for giving Frank the forger his phone number.

Adam warns that he's not going to be the only person tied to what he did.

He refuses to make the payoff for him and warns Jack to do it or face Frank coming to the Abbott home. Jack calls Frank and orders him to the Crimson Lights.

Instead, the woman sitting with Frank secretly calls Jack to report that she has taken Frank's key. Using it, Jack searches Frank's place while the forger impatiently waits for him at the coffeehouse.

Jack finds the tape hidden under his desk and runs a magnet over it, effectively erasing it. When Adam calls, Jack tells him where he hid the envelope of money to give to Frank.

Adam reminds him that Frank has a recording of Jack's voice. Frank takes Adam back to his place and gives him the tape.

Gloria's relieved when Jeffrey returns.

She boasts of how she and Kevin tricked Kay into signing the stock over to her, but admits that Jill ruined her plan. Jeffrey suggests she can use his help.

They end up in bed together where Jeffrey reminds her he still has the tainted cream. She blasts him for lying to her about its whereabouts.

When he finds she has a photo of her with Lowell and Michael, Jeffrey rips it up and storms out.

He ends up at the bar, orders a bourbon and is shocked to see a drunk Kay, unaware it's really Marge.

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