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Michael and Lauren bring Eden to the jail where she confronts her father. He insists he didn't kill anyone but she storms out.

Michael shows River the police file and he identifies the "released" eyewitness Howie as a buddy nicknamed "Kite" and adds that he had a sister who was a nun.

Jill and Cane argue about his choice of Colleen to replace Lily.

In the morning, Nick updates Phyllis on the adventure with Noah and Sharon last night and admits he was happy he could help his ex.

Billy is shocked when he sees Gloria at the Abbott mansion and learns she's living in the pool house.

Confiding to Gloria that Billy has moved back, Jack guesses with Kay's five percent and Traci and Ashley's shares, they should have enough to move forward with their scheme.

Gloria worries about Kay which concerns Jack. Sharon tells Jack about the problem with Noah last night and that Nick helped her.

She then complains about him lying to her about his recent trip. He tries to cover but she reveals Billy told her all about New York. At Jabot Billy asks his mother why she didn't pick him to help her instead of Cane.

Unimpressed by her response, Billy makes a call to look into a business named "Agreeing Lovers." He tells Jack this business has been buying up Jabot stock and asks if Gloria is his partner.

Jack laughs at the idea but then leaves. Getting samples of the new issues, Nick is outraged to find Phyllis's angry letter. He reminds her they agreed on what to print and points out that she attacked his son's mother.

He takes an issue to Sharon and explains what Phyllis did. When Kay stops by the Crimson Lights, Gloria orders Kevin to go move her car so they can make Kay feel like she's losing her memory.

Jana watches them together and when Kay calls the police to report a stolen car, the police activate the car's tracking device and discover it around the corner.

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The Young and the Restless
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