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Colleen offers to help Daniel get ready for his showing in New York. Amber boasts to Daniel that Liam will be returning from London.

When he leaves with Kevin, Colleen warns Amber that Daniel will never go back to her because she cheated on him.

Daniel confides in Kevin that while he's interested, he's also confused as well. Trying to explain why he invited Amber, Daniel later tells Colleen that he may not be over Amber.

When Brad hints that he might tell the SEC about all she knew regarding David Chow, Jill hints that "Restless Style" would love to do a story about Brad.

Meanwhile, SEC agent Paulson is snooping for information at Jabot.

Cane suggests to his mother that she submit her resignation as CEO of Chancellor Industries to take some of the heat off but she refuses.

Warning her about the page three article in the "Wall Street Journal," He points out how it will help the company but when she again refuses, he insists.

Gloria advises Jack that she is meeting with Kay and hopes to get her hands on the needed shares of stock to take over Jabot.

As The Young and the Restless concludes, she surprises Kay at her place just after she has learned about the SEC agent's investigation.

Gloria apologizes and offers Kay a present. Using John's name, Gloria asks her to honor him by giving her some shares of Jabot stock.

Kay refuses. When she arrives at Jill's office, Jill announces she's going to resign as long as Cane keeps her in the loop about everything.

Jill tells Heather about Brad's antics and she decides to call the FBI. Jack imagines John again, this time urging him to go along with Gloria on her scheme for Jabot.

Asking about Adam, Jeffrey urges Jack to partner with him but Gloria claims she has Kay's stock so it's time for Jack to act.

Brad asks Heather to have Adam call him.

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