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J.T. asks Neil why Brad is still working at Newman.

Neil insists he sign a letter of resignation or he'll be prosecuted.

Brad tries to put him off but eventually signs the document, asking J.T. if he's happy about this.

Victor admires Daniel's sketch of Sabrina while Victoria complains to her mother and Nick complains to Phyllis about the way Victor has treated them.

Estella interrupts and tells Nikki and Victoria that Victor fired the staff at the ranch. Adam suggests to Jack that they form a partnership to seek revenge against Jack.

Jack points out Adam brings nothing to the table and therefore he's not interested. Later, Jack assures Sharon that he will publish a story about Victor in spite of Nick.

When he asks Nick for a title for the article, Nick vows that there won't be an article and insists they decide now who controls the editorial content of the magazine.

They agree to flip a coin with the winner buying the loser out or taking a set fee for the magazine. When Jack wins, Nick's given 24 hours to come up with the money to buy out Jack.

Nikki assures her daughter that she is back in AA so there is nothing for her to worry about.

Neil stops by the ranch to see Victor who states that Neil can run the company the way he wants to and that he is giving him his office at Newman.

He does ask him to rehire Victoria.

Heather's surprised to hear that Victor fired Adam and offers to let him stay with her at the Athletic Club.

Neil asks Victoria to come back to work at Newman and when she hesitates, he explains that Victor asked him to do this as a personal favor to him.

When Victor won't let her inside the house, Nikki smashes a window.

Victor finally lets her in but won't answer her questions as the police arrive.

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