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Amber talks with Kay about her story of failed love.

Kay recommends that she stop playing games with Daniel.

Amber fears that he might dump her so Kay responds that she move on with her life if he does so.

Calling Chloe crazy, Lily advises Cane to get custody of his unborn baby and divorce his whacked-out wife.

Meanwhile, Kay lectures Chloe about making her marriage work, ordering her to stop giving her and Jill grief during her stay.

Chloe finds Cane with Lily and accuses him of cheating on her.

Cane insists they were talking business but Chloe vows to play the same game. She later returns home with a guy named Rocko.

Kay arrives in time to see the man kissing Chloe.

Brad considers a business move with an energy company that would send him to live in Venezuela.

Jill meets Heather and an FBI agent and claims that she has evidence against Brad.

She insists the FBI solve her problem with the SEC since she has proof Brad knew about David's mob connections.

Later, the FBI questions Brad about some wire transfers which ended up in Walter's offshore account.

Brad denies knowing Walter and refers him to his attorney for the rest of the questions.

Unimpressed, the agent arrests Brad for money laundering. Jana shows Michael a photo of him with Lowell at the wedding.

Michael helps Kevin during his questioning by the SEC investigator who seems satisfied by his answers.

Micah is shocked later to find his father at the door. Colleen asks Daniel why he's bringing Amber to New York with him.

He admits it's to meet Liam but promises he'll hurry back to Genoa City. Insisting that Daniel's not interested in Amber, Colleen gets Lily's okay to act on her feelings for Daniel.

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