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Shocked to find his father at the door, Michael assures River he's not going to call the police about him and asks him to leave.

Michael again asks his father to go but River refuses.

Michael meets Kevin at the coffeehouse while Gloria enters the apartment and quickly starts arguing with River.

After warning Jeffrey that his dad is back, Michael returns home and finds Gloria dancing with his father.

Amber's about to kiss Daniel when Liam calls.

After she tells him she'll call him later, Daniel checks her phone and realizes the call was placed by a local number and blasts her for playing games with him.

As Rocko and Cane argue, Kay announces that she wants Rocko to leave and for Chloe to make up her mind about her marriage.

Chloe worries that Cane is going to go back to Lily once the baby is born.

Cane admits that he will always have feelings for Lily who warns that Chloe is a liar and can't be trusted.

Later, Chloe boasts that her baby will have a caring mother.

Lily's impressed and asks Cane to focus on the baby, not her.

She also apologizes to Chloe for calling her a liar.

Chloe invites Cane to her next ultrasound but he won't go. Lily calls Colleen and offers to go to Daniel's art gallery opening with her.

Hearing Amber on the "Loveline" radio show again, bemoaning the loss of her boyfriend Herve, Colleen surprises Daniel at his place and strips.

Nick writes a note to his father, thanking him for the credit and apologizing for the article that Jack wrote.

He claims to be humbled by what Victor has done.

Sharon brings Noah to work on "Restless Amber" with Daniel but when she starts snooping into his Sabrina story, Nick sternly reminds her she no longer works there.

As he starts to lecture her, Noah asks his father to back off and later, leaks that it was Sharon who convinced Victor to help Nick.

Bringing Noah home, Nick apologizes to Sharon.

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