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The guard tells Nick that Victor is not taking any visitors. Nick talks his way inside but finding the place a mess, he leaves the letter and bolts.

Jack finds a letter Sharon wrote to Nick and brings it to Phyllis. She's not concerned but wonders what else she's hiding from him.

Sharon worries when she can't find her letter and, after a call from him, realizes that Jack has it.

Colleen wakes up in Daniel's bed and discovers that he sketched her as she slept. She later spots sketches he did of Amber and Daniel confirms he drew those before she cheated on him.

Colleen finds a voicemail from Brad about being arrested.

At Michael's place, Gloria wakes up lying next to River and fears what she did last night.

When he calls her "glow worm," she reminds him that he abandoned her years ago. Michael is disgusted to find them there and both quickly insist nothing happened last night.

Later, while Gloria lies to Jeffrey about visiting Lauren and Fenmore last night and falling asleep, Michael orders his father to leave town today and not come back.

Michael spoils Gloria's lie by telling Jeffrey that Lauren's out of town with the baby. Sharon rushes to the court house after Brad calls about being arrested.

There, Brad claims that he was trying to help David with a loan. Colleen visits her father and he downplays the trouble he's facing. Hearing she's involved with Daniel, he urges her to take it slowly.

Daniel later invites Colleen to New York with him and confesses that she is the woman he wants. Boasting that he's now running Newman, Neil invites Karen to come back and work for him.

He takes her back to his place and, after insisting he wants to be with her, she agrees to move in with him.

The two hop into bed.

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