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Daniel marvels at his sketches. Lily and Colleen greet their friend. The three drink to Sabrina.

Colleen sees a sketch of her and points it out to Lily. Her joy is ruined when Amber arrives.

Though he thanks her for coming and confides that she's the star of the show, Daniel also claims that he wants to be with Colleen.

She's devastated to see him with her rival but then surprised when Liam suddenly appears. But when Amber takes her friend to meet the other three, Colleen quickly recognizes Liam as Billy Abbott.

Nikki and Phyllis agree they'll have fun working together and hope to make Nick a success for his sake and for his father's.

Victor is sickened by the photos of Sabrina's accident and hands them back to the guard who gives them to Jack.

He yells out that he's made his decision about printing them but the guard warns him to back off since Adam was arrested earlier.

Heather explains to Adam that it will take a few hours for her to bail him out but Jack arrives moments later and announces that he's here on his behalf.

Later, Jack shows Adam the photos but denies he'd ever print them. He explains that he wants to sell Victor's story to another magazine and asks for Adam's help.

Adam insists on accompanying him to Mexico to find out what Victor was doing there and to make sure Jack doesn't make a story up.

When Lauren and Fenmore return to town, River calls Michael about seeing his grandchild before leaving. Michael won't allow it.

When detectives arrive to arrest River, Michael denies knowing he's in town. He hurries to Eddie's Diner where the call came from and urges his father to run.

Lauren brings the baby for one last visit. River claims there's more he needs to tell Michael. A cop nearby recognizes River and makes a call to the bus station surveillance team.

Later, River is arrested as a girl slips out the door unseen.

What happens next? Tune in next week to The Young and the Restless!

The Young and the Restless
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