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Chloe worries as the nurse confirms she'll be able to establish the date of conception. She tries to get Cane to leave.

The doctor begins the ultrasound. Reminded of when Lily lost the baby, Cane leaves for a moment. Dr. Okamura reveals the conception date is around June 28 so Chloe insists he not tell anyone.

At the gallery in New York, Daniel tells a stunned Amber that Billy is actually Colleen's cousin.

When she asks Billy why he's using the name Liam, he points out it's short for William.

Daniel reveals that he and Amber were involved.

Lily pulls Amber aside to warn her about Billy's reputation but she's not interested in her opinion. Colleen updates Billy on Lily's romantic life with Cane, his half-brother who is a nice guy.

She jokingly asks him to keep Amber busy so she can be with Daniel.

Jana and Kevin arrive at the art opening and, hearing that Billy is Amber's friend Liam, Kevin announces that he hates the guy.

They both warn Amber about Billy but she refuses to believe them. Daniel tells Billy and Lily that most of his sketches in the show are of Amber so Billy decides to buy a couple.

Hearing about Jill's troubles, Billy decides it might be time to come home.

After River is arrested and taken away, a girl asks a waitress what happened to the man.

As Michael is reassuring Lauren that he's done with River and feels okay about it, Jeffrey and Gloria arrive and demand to know if River has really left town.

But when Jeffrey insults the man, Michael is outraged and asks him what right does he have to say such things.

Jeffrey mentions seeing ballet slippers in River's bag and then leaves when Gloria also defends River.

The girl from the diner surprises Michael at the condo and blasts him for what happened, revealing that she is his sister.

Gloria gets Jeffrey to confirm that he dropped a dime on River and he hints that she may be next.

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