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As Michael complains to Lauren that River never told him he had a sister, River's attorney arrives with guardianship papers for Eden.

Michael signs them so that he can take care of her. Dick, the attorney, urges them to come down to the station house to say goodbye.

Eden panics when she learns what Michael's done. Lauren takes her to the coffeehouse where she meets Noah.

When he talks about going to the same high school he does, she calls him a loser and vows she'll be gone soon.

Later, she tells Lauren that if Michael can help her father, she'll attend school. Later, Eden overhears Kevin boasting to Michael that it was Jeffrey who turned in River.

Thanking him for taking in Eden, River asks Michael not to allow her to see him in jail. Michael suggests that he find a better attorney for his trial in Ann Arbor.

In Mexico with Adam, Jack is on the phone with Sharon, lying that he's in Los Angeles doing some family business with Ashley.

Phyllis senses trouble at home and lets Sharon know of her suspicions. After they argue, Phyllis calls Forrester Creations and discovers that Jack lied about seeing his sister there.

Posing as reporters, Jack and Adam question Mexican authorities and discover that the body of the other man on the boat with Victor was found.

Adam takes a picture of the photo which neither man recognizes. Hearing noise downstairs, Nick enters the art gallery and finds his father dancing by himself to some music.

As he watches, Victor collapses. Nick rushes to Victor who asks his son what's happening to him. He asks Nick not to tell anyone and admits that something happened in Mexico.

He also reveals his plans to crate up everything in the gallery and auction it off. After everything is gone, Nick returns and finds his father out cold.

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The Young and the Restless
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