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River insists to Lauren he is innocent. Nick advises Nikki of what happened in the art gallery.

He admits his concern about Victor being suicidal and adds that Victor claimed that what happened in Mexico made things worse.

The doctor reports that Victor is malnourished and dehydrated because he hasn't been eating and now wants to be left alone.

Heather guesses to Paul that Victor is still hiding something about his trip to Mexico. When he puts down Adam, Heather thinks that he's protecting Nikki. Heather then becomes dizzy and almost collapses.

Paul takes her to the hospital where she is diagnosed with Epstein-Barr syndrome. There, Nikki, Victoria and Nick argue about committing Victor.

Heather slips in to see Victor and blasts him for being so mean to his son. Paul takes her out but she guesses Victor is hiding something.

Still in Mexico, Jack badmouths Victor to Adam who then claims that Nikki is worse. He claims that if it wasn't for Nikki, Sabrina would still be alive.

Jack reveals that he was friends with Hope and actually helped her do battle with Victor when he wanted her to have eye surgery.

He then tells Adam about Nikki losing a baby after Victor caused her to fall down a flight of stairs. Adam suggests they make up the rest of the story and will need someone to forge Victor's handwriting to make it happen.

Michael confronts Jeffrey about dropping a dime on his father and Jeffrey boasts that he did turn River in to the police. Michael is outraged but Gloria guesses he did it because she spent the night with River.

She defends Jeffrey and he claims that he didn't want a felony hanging over him. Michael leaves after getting a call from Victor.

Gloria visits the station house and is stunned to meet Eden. Victor asks Michael to get him out of the hospital immediately.

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