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River tells Michael he doesn't want him as his attorney unless he thinks he's innocent. Michael claims it doesn't matter and says he needs a psychiatrist.

Eden starts crying when Lauren presses her about going to school.

Lauren finally realizes that she's never been to school and offers her some tips to help her out on her first day.

Gloria boasts to Jeffrey that River hasn't been shipped out.

Kay stuns Jeffrey with the news that she never promised Gloria some of her Jabot stock. He confronts Gloria who confesses that she lied to keep Jack on board with their plan.

Ashley is suspicious when Jack arranges a family meeting with her and Traci in New York City. He explains that they have an opportunity to take back the family business.

Jill remains hesitant until Jack brings Billy into the meeting.

Meanwhile, Cane's not pleased when Jill interrupts his staff meeting at Jabot with a hearty "I'm back."

When she warns that she'll be attending all of his meetings, he reminds her that she hired him to do a job and that he wants her to back off.

Jill complains to Kay who points out that for years Jill has complained about Kay controlling her. She calls it "payback."

Jill apologizes to Cane but he's not interested in her apology.

Jeffrey and Gloria witness Kay being forgetful and consider how they can use this information. Nick, Nikki and Victoria are shocked to find the inside of the ranch house a mess with unopened mail including Nick's note to Victor.

Nick guesses Michael may know something about Victor's sudden disappearance and calls the attorney who assures him that Victor is safe and where he wants to be.

Nikki urges her kids to let Victor be.

Meanwhile, Victor is on board a jet and is about to land. River calls Michael and asks him to be his lawyer after all.

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The Young and the Restless
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