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Heather and Adam spot Victor as he heads to his study.

He's upset to learn that Adam sent Zapato to a kennel.

Adam's angry when Michael gets in to see Victor and Victor won't talk with Adam.

Victor is outraged to learn that Adam took over the company after everyone thought Victor was dead and that he also fired Nick and Victoria.

Michael calls Neil while Nick gets word that his father is at the ranch. Nick and Victoria hurry to the ranch where they are asked to wait.

They notice how nervous Adam is.

Meanwhile, Neil welcomes Victor back and Victor quickly puts him back in charge of Newman.

Adam is smug when he's finally invited in to see Victor next but Michael explains to the kids that Victor has a plan.

Victor fires Adam and orders him off the ranch, telling him he never wants to see him again.

As he runs out, Nick and Victoria see their father.

After Cane threatened to take their baby from her if she misbehaves, Chloe hands him a document which spells out her rights where the unborn baby is concerned.

Cane reacts by issuing new rules for them living together.

Jill suggests that Cane give Chloe a big check to leave town once the baby is born but he asks her to stay out of it.

Lily overhears Esther meet with her daughter and is surprised to find out who Chloe really is.

Meeting her at the Crimson Lights, Chloe's embarrassed her mother is dressed as a maid and claims that she doesn't have to do that job anymore.

She later arrives at the estate and announces that she's moving in because Cane is not treating her well.

Cane opens up to Lily about Chloe and she guesses Chloe somehow arranged to get pregnant.

The two share a passionate kiss.

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