Consultations - The Young Pope Season 1 Episode 3
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Lenny is on the roof talking to Fr. Tomasso about how he prayed he'd be Pope.  There is a new opening with the Pope winking and smirking at the screen at the end of his walk past famous religious paintings all set to the tune of All Along the Watchtower. And the old Pope falls over.

Spencer and Voiello argue about Lenny being elected Pope.

Lenny is praying in his bedroom (cigarette in hand) for saying what he said to Tomasso, begging forgiveness from God. He's still searching for answers from God. He wants help wirting the speech to the Cardinals.

Voiello is watching soccer while housekeeping is cleaning. He has a charge letting play in his room.

Voiello is talking to other Cardinals. His book is displayed all over the table. They are complaining about Lenny. One of them wants Voiello to hand in his resignation. 

Lenny is in his office with Sofia and Voiello. Lenny guesses Voiello wants to hand in his resignation. Voiello tells him that his speech was upsetting to people and the press. 

Cardinal Rosalich comes into his office. They approach the huge globe and he sends the guy to Alaska.

The other old Cardinal comes to the garden to give a gift to Lenny. It's a huge safety pin looking thing that Lenny pulls and makes into a bracelet. He tells Lenny he's surprised that for being so young, he's so old.

Lenny calls Sister Mary into his bedroom to tell her she will be holding a press conference to tell the press what he dictates to her.

Sister Mary is playing basketball. Voiello is there to talk. She's upset about holding the press conference. Voiello is upset he's not holding the press conference. Sister Mary tells him she knows about him taking care of a disabled boy (yet he is yelling at the black boy in the clip).

She's not worry about Lenny. She's talking to Spencer. She wants him to Lenny to help him with concepts and visions. She calls him his spiritual father. Calls him out for being spiteful.

Flashback to a young Sister Mary praying and sitting with her two "kids".

Sister Mary gives the press conference. They have more questions than answers.

Sister Mary is in Lenny's office. He sees Ester in the Square.

He visits with Spencer who basically yells at him for his speech. Spencer cuts at him again about his parents. Tells him he'll be the worst Pope. He's vile once again. Lenny calls him out for being drunk.

Lenny walks in the Vatigan gardens. Voiello's man is watching him. So is the kangaroo. He uses the lighter he got from the gift warehouse and lights a cigarette. When he looks up the kangaroo is gone.

Esther is still in the Square. Lenny is watching. Guiterrez tells him she's the wife of a Swiss guard. He goes out to talk to her and it turns out that he had an affair with her.  Voiello's man is watching their exchange when he gropes her.  Guiterrez tells her Lenny wants to see her and he takes her to him.

She enters his office. She tells him she loved his homily. She says she respects him and he passes out in her arms.

He dreams he sees his parents in the halls and chases after them.

Next day his lighter isn't working. He's in his office with Voiello, Sofia, and Sister Mary meeting about an abusive priest, and the rest of his schedule. He has to baptize some school children.

 He asks Voiello about how he became Pope or he'll destroy the church. Voiello tells him he was going to be a bridge between the conservatives and progressives. Apparently he was more diplomatic when he was a cardinal. Voiello loses it.

Voiello visits Spencer.  He has the old cardinal with him. They want Spencer to help set Lenny right.

Spencer goes to Lenny's office to beg forgiveness and to accept the position of prefect to the Cardinals. Lenny says no position is open and he wants to be addressed as His Holiness.

Lenny is meeting with some Cardinals who express their fear they feel about Lenny's homily.

Lenny meets with Gutierrez in the gardens and tells him he wished he was thunderstruck to be a priest and shares his story about how he became a priest and tells him about his trip to California.  He met a girl and won her over by juggling. He's never told anyone about it before.

Gutierrez goes into his apartment and finds Voiello waiting for him. Voiello blackmails him.

Gutierrez meets with Lenny in the gardens. He wants to know more about his relationship with the girl in California. He opened his heart to Gutierrez about his lack of faith in himself. 









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The Young Pope Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

They chose a Pope they didn't know, and today they begin to understand.


I prayed some more. Harder this time. I was praying so hard I nearly shit my pants. I glued my ass to my chair so not to make a mess.