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Jack pulls over, wondering what the hell he's doing.

Just back from Viet Nam, he's doing odd jobs and someone he's doing work for wants to set him up. 

Rebecca, too, is a victim of being set up. She's happy singing at open mics. Her friends don't think so.

Jack lands at a bar. He's there to see Rebecca. He made it safely.

But Ben made his move, sending Rebecca out of the dressing room saying Jack was right.

Jack's dad wants him to pay rent when he gets a job. His dad is a drunk and Jack makes light of it, but it doesn't go well.

Rebecca tells Ben it's over. 

Jack and his pal, D, go to a high stakes gambling table in the hopes of winning money to start their business. They win $1500 but the goons rob them before they can leave with it.

Rebecca is driving home from the gig. Jack tries to talk to her, but she refuses because he's drunk.

Jack waxes with his dad always breaking the wrong direction. Jack tried to do it the other way and look where it go him. When's he going to get his break? Life is too hard, he tells his pal, Dale.

Jack is going back to the bar next week and taking the money back. He's going to get the life he deserves.

In the present past, Jack and Rebecca fight. They don't even like each other. She tells him to go stay at Miguel's.

Rebecca has a blind date. He's not there yet.

Jack wants to rob the place they were at last week. 

Rebecca's date shows up.

She runs out because she has to sing. 

At the same time, Jack is preparing for his "date" to rob the bar. That's where Rebecca is singing and Moonshadow stops him moving forward.

Jack has loving words for Rebecca as he prepares to leave for Miguel's.

This Is Us
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This Is Us Season 1 Episode 18 Quotes

Hey, Jack, I don't know what she told you, but don't punish her because I crossed the line.


Ben: Wow. You look great.
Rebecca: Thanks. I look like a mom playing dress up.