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There's no avoiding the tragic heartbreak coming for us in This Is Us Season 2 Episode 9. 

What starts off as a promising day for Kate, the excited mother-to-be quickly takes a turn for the worse when she collapses on the bathroom floor in pain. 

At the hospital, her worst fears come to life — she had a miscarriage. 

Everyone deals with tragedy in their own way and Kate decides to push it away and pretend it never happened. 

Instead of spending the day watching sitcoms with Toby, she took a singing gig. Toby advised against it but she swore she was "fine."

She was not fine. And she cut the gig short after she got emotional watching a mother take pictures of her daughter. 

For a moment, she almost fell back into her old habits after ordering a plate full of greasy diner food. 

Thankfully, she stopped herself knowing that it wasn't going to fix the pain she was feeling. 

Meanwhile, Toby played postal worker for the day as he tried to track down the baby tub before it was delivered to the apartment to cause more grief. 

When he went to pick up Kate from her gig, he freaked out when the band member told him she "got sick" and left. 

Back at the apartment, he was furious with how she was shutting him out when Kate finally admitted that he wasn't the one who lost a baby, she was. 

Obviously, this was a low blow considering this was also Toby's child, even if it wasn't inside his body. 

The next morning, Toby was gone before she woke up. Before she could even wonder where he had gone, the doorbell rang and Rebecca was there to comfort her daughter. 

Instead of the usual bickering, the two cried it out and then bonded over loss and how to cope. 

When Toby finally returned, he was surprised to see them chatting on the couch. 

Kate then told him that she loved him and would like to try for another child in the near future. 

In the past, we see Rebecca pressuring Kate to narrow down her top five college choices. 

Kate doesn't seem too excited so Rebecca gives her this speech about taking her time to find a "passion," which infuriates her. 

When she goes to school, Rebecca snoops around in her room and finds out that Kate was planning on applying to Berklee's College of Music. She listens to her audition tape and is impressed.

When she brings it up and tries to give her money for the application as a nice gesture, Kate gets mad that her mother went through her stuff. 

Eventually, she admits that she kept it a secret because she didn't want to get too excited in case she didn't get in and she didn't want to disappoint her mother. 

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This Is Us Season 2 Episode 9 Quotes

Toby: I am a large and powerful man. And on most days my stature is only a compliment to my sharp, comedic wit. But today, I am a man with a fiancee who has had a terrible last twelve hours. Right now, she's somewhere in a red dress singing in the middle of the day because she can't face how awful she feels. And that breaks my heart. So I'm not feeling all that funny.
Carl: It's nothing personal... (voice trails away)
Toby: The hardest part, Carl, about seeing someone in pain, is not being able to do anything about it except try not to make it worse, which brings me here to intercept a package that if were to arrive on our doorstep would most certainly make it worse. I am a large and powerful man Carl and I don't know how much longer I can stay this calm.

Kate: I feel like I failed you.
Toby: You didn't. You never could.
Kate: I want to try again. Not yet. But maybe soon.
Toby: Yeah, me too. Whenever your ready.