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This Is Us Season 2 Episode focuses on the number one child, Kevin Pearson!

Since breaking up with Sophie, Kevin has been hiding out in his luxurious hotel, popping pills and chasing them down with lots of alcohol. 

His intervention comes when he gets a call about a scheduled appearance at his high school's alumni night, where they are honoring him with an achievement award. 

Back in his hometown, Kevin is going through a bit of nostalgia. He sees his childhood home, which we know burnt down around the time Jack passed away. He's walking the halls where he was the hottest jock in the school. And he's reliving the dreaded knee injury, which shattered his dreams of becoming a professional football player and changed his life forever. 

During the ceremony, Kevin throws back red wine after red wine as he catches up with a former classmate, Charlotte, who he obviously doesn't remember because as she puts it "she was a nerd and he was a jock." 

While receiving his award from his former coach, Kevin has hallucinations where he sees his father giving the speech and commending him on being strong and resilient. 

In his acceptance speech, Kevin breaksdown and admits hat he doesn't deserve such an honor and it should go to the others on stage, like Charlotte, who was being honored for her work with child burn victims. 

Still, no one seems to take his cry for help seriously because he's The Manny and all they care about is getting their picture taken with a famous actor. 

He grabs a bottle and heads down to the football field, where he narrates his final football play before the injury.

The game was right after he'd butchered an interview with a football coach from a lesser-known college and was subsequently punished for it by Jack. This led to the first ever fight between Kevin and Jack. He was no longer the little boy who respected his father; he talked back. 

Following the argument, Jack skipped the game to take Randall on a campus tour of Harvard.

Kate and Rebecca were in the audience though and the minute Kevin hit the ground, Rebecca ordered Kate to phone Jack, who came rushing to the hospital. 

Kevin apologized profusely for his cocky behavior, hoping that his knee would heal by the time playoffs rolled around but Jack had to break the bad news — he would never be able to play again. 

As Kevin coped with the loss of his professional dreams, he also had to deal with his father's death, which came a short while later. 

Throughout the monologue, Kevin admits that every single time something bad happened, his life got better. He was always handed another second chance and he always found a way to screw it up. 

He believes he needs to punish himself, so he sleeps with Charlotte. 

Soon after, he begins having symptoms of withdrawals and desperately scours her bathroom to find his next hit. 

While he doesn't find any Vicodin, he finds a prescription pad in her drawer, which allows him to fill out his next refill. 

He steals in and sneaks out without saying a word.

As he's in line with his fake prescription, he realizes he left behind his necklace, which his father gave him the day he found out he wouldn't be able to play football anymore. Jack said he received it from someone special in Vietnam, which we all know meant his mysterious brother. 

When he returns to Charlotte's place, her reaction is similar to Sophie's when he broke up with her for the upteenth time. 

As he begs her to check for the necklace, he breaks down on the front lawn and calls out for someone to help him.

No one comes to his aid but he realizes that he's hit his breaking point.

The next morning, he knocks on Randall's doorstep ready to come clean about his addiction and ask for help.

But Randall beats him to the punch telling him that Kate lost the baby, which is why she and Toby had been repeatedly calling him. 

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This Is Us Season 2 Episode 8 Quotes

What can this kid not do? Can't go four hours without Vicodin but everyone loves him anyways. (Mock cheering)


Truth is, I'm not worthy of this award. Or any honor for that matter.