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"That'll Be the Day" is an apt name for this episode considering it finally is the day that Jack Pearson dies in a fatal house fire.

This Is Us Season 2 Episode 13 starts off with Rebecca and Jack gearing up for the annual Pearson Super Bowl festivities. 

There's a hint of sadness lingering in the air since it's the last Pearson Super Bowl before the Big Three head off to college, but Jack doesn't let it get in the way of his excitement. 

However, that quickly fades when he realizes his teenagers would rather do anything but watch the game with their old man. 

One by one, each teen opts out of the festivities. 

Kevin is so sour about his broken leg and abandoned football dreams, he gets into a fight with his parents and sleeps over at Sophie's house instead. 

Kate gets upset when she catches Jack trying to videotape her for her music school audition and tells him to stop trying to make her feel beautiful, which is the last thing she sees when she looks in the mirror. She ends up watching the game at Molly's because a house party is better than being at home. 

Even Randall, the golden boy, chooses to take his new GF Allison to see Titanic for the seventh time, much to Jack's dismay. 

When it's just the two of them, Rebecca surprises Jack with an ad for a house, which she hopes will be his first flip as part of his renewed interest in Big Three Homes. 

He's stoked by Rebecca's initiative and proposes that she become his business partner.

That night, Randall is the only one who comes home and he and Jack have a heart-to-heart about his first kiss in the kitchen. 

Jack hangs back to clean up the kitchen, including the crock pot, which he makes sure to turn off before heading upstairs. 

Unfortunately, the crock pot, which Jack and Rebecca received from the family that they bought the house from, manages to turn back on and catches ablaze. 

The old gentleman did warn that you had to fiddle with the switch to turn it off. 

And since they forgot batteries for the smoke alarm last week, it failed to go off and warn them of the imminent danger. 

If you've racked your brain with possibilities of how Jack Pearson may have died, a faulty crockpot probably isn't what you had in mind.

We'll find out the full story in the special episode airing right after the ACTUAL Super Bowl.

But since present-day Kate has such issues with owning a dog again, it seems like her furry friend plays a major role in whatever happened that night. 

She hopes to surprise Toby with a puppy and forces herself to go to an animal shelter.

She quickly falls in love with a boy named Audio but finds herself struggling with the thought of owning a dog.

Eventually, she gives in and surprises her fiancee, who is elated! 

Randall and Beth hold a meeting with their new tenants. Eager to please, Randall gets a bit ahead of himself and begins promising to take care of everyone's issues instead of the safety hazards at hand. 

Kevin, who is trying to avoid making amends with Sophie, offers up his services in an attempt to stay busy. 

As they tear down walls and fix doors, there's a cockroach infestation, which forces all the tenants to evacuate and stay at a hotel while the terminator does his thing. 

Randall finally admits that he needs Beth's help, especially since she has more experience with owning a building. 

Kevin makes his way to Sophie's apartment where she tells him she forgives him but that she can't forget what happened this time.

She asks him to let her remember the good times they had and says her final goodbye.

When he arrives at home, Kevin checks her name off the list and then finds his father's necklace in the mail, which is a sign that he also forgives him.

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This Is Us Season 2 Episode 13 Quotes

Jack: It would break my heart if you didn't want to be on camera because you don't realize how beautiful you are.
Kate: Dad stop. Just... (sigh) you saying stuff like that to me was fine when I was a kid but I'm older now. I just, I don't see myself the way you see me. And no one else sees me that way either. So you saying it all the time, it just hurts.

Randall: 'Do some good, don't go broke.' New company motto, write it down.
Beth: I'm not writing it down.
Randall: It's cool, I already memorized it.