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On This Is Us Season 2 Episode 12, Randall was hit with a stroke of fate by the name of Clooney. 

For those who don't remember, Clooney was the late William's adopted cat, who he made sure to go back and feed every single day when living at Randall's crib. 

While Clooney doesn't directly affect this episode, they always say a stray will find someone that needs it and in this case, the stray found Randall. 

Randall got a call from Lloyd, a tenant who found a box of William's old belongings. 

Inside the box, Randall found a poem his father wrote about his "Lady."

Looking for some kind of purpose, and probably some way to grieve his father, Randall set out to find his father's lover. 

He knocked door-to-door, but every single person simply laughed in his face. Wasn't William fancy, they asked. 

Still, Randall believed this was some kind of sign. When he went to tell Beth about it she didn't see it in the same way. Instead, she wanted him to let go of this fantasy and focus on getting a real job and his forthcoming interview. 

And Randall did just that. In the midst of his interview, one that he admitted didn't get his creative juices flowing properly, he received a call from Lloyd, who hinted that William spent a lot of time with the landlord.

Randall paid her a little visit, but she too laughed in his face. William was a great man, but not her lover. 

Yet when she showed him the poem, she insisted that he take a look around William's old place. 

Confused, Randall obeyed and he realized that "lady" was never his father's lover; it was a poem dedicated to a "Lady Day" mural outside his window. He always loved Billie Holiday. 

Still, it felt like fate and like they say, everything happens for a reason.

Randall brought Beth to see the building, admitting that he wanting to buy the property with her and changes these people's lives. It was perfect timing considering Beth just lost her development lot to a Costco.

Kate returned to her therapy group to talk about her food addiction. 

She informed the group that after the miscarriage, she relapsed and found comfort in Taco Bell. But, that was all going to change because she was planning a wedding, which meant she needed to actually wear a wedding dress. 

Madison, the girl Kate is always rolling her eyes at during the session, insisted to take Kate dress shopping to a location that creates custom dresses. She even promised to leave the moment she began to feel uncomfortable. 

Hesitantly, Kate took her up on the offer. 

Upon arrival, Kate realized that Madison binged on several macaroons. As they were looking at dresses, she began to feel uncomfortable and went to the bathroom.

"I know what happened in there," Kate told her as they left, which upset Madison. "Why are you ruining this," she asked before getting in the car and leaving Kate to find her own ride. 

A few hours later, Kate received a call from Madison. She found her crying in the bathroom with a gash on her head, which she got after she fainted. 

Madison finally confides in Kate that she's bulimic, and it's something she's dealt with on-and-off since middle school.

Kate insists that she can always count on her, but immediately regrets that when Madison exclaims that they are "best friends." 

Still, both of these girls needed each other at this point in their lives. 

Kevin is finally released from rehab and decides to go live with his mom, Rebecca, where he can get some stability and give their relationship another chance.

Rebecca couldn't be more excited, but things are a little bit iffy with Miguel. The two haven't always had the best relationship with each other. 

When Rebecca realizes that Kevin wants "comfort food" instead of kale, she offers to go grocery shopping with him. 

Kevin likes the idea of a regular grocery store trip with his mother but is confused when Miguel decides to tag along. Why can't they just have this for themselves, especially when the whole problem started because Kevin felt like a fifth wheel. 

Eventually, Kevin confronts Miguel who simply tells him that he's there to protect Rebecca from any other outbursts or blame he may place upon her. 

Later, Kevin sees his mother and Miguel cuddling and laughing on the couch. When they notice him, Rebecca moves away quickly, offering to make him some tea. 

Kevin seizes the moment to ask Miguel if he loved his mother when she was with his father Jack. 

Miguel is appalled by the mere thought of it, explaining that there was no Rebecca and there was no Jack; they were always a unit. 

But, when they met years after Jack's passing, he did fall in love with her. 

"I'm not going anywhere," he tells Kevin. 

With that in mind, Kevin asks his mother if she's happy. She admits that after Jack died, happiness was the first to go, but over time, she found a different kind of happiness with Miguel.

It's at that moment Kevin realizes he needs to accept Miguel and tells his mother that she doesn't need to be scared to be happy around him. 

In the past, Jack and Rebecca take the Big Three to the mall. 

Randall builds a Magic-8 ball to ask out a girl, Kevin gets fitted for a suit with Jack, and Rebecca and Kate go to buy a dress for the school dance. 

Rebecca and Kate run into a snag when none of the dresses fit Kate and she refuses to continue looking. 

Kevin and Jack run into Miguel at the mall, who is disheveled because his ex-wife just got engaged and his children were part of the big moment. 

Jack tries to give him a pep-talk, but instead, Miguel and Kevin share sob stories at the food court. 

After a long day, they finally come home and Rebecca asks Jack if they forgot to buy anything at the mall. 

"I don't think so," he says as the camera pans out to the fire alarm, which desperately needs new batteries. 

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This Is Us Season 2 Episode 12 Quotes

And he is so fricking romantic he convinced me that I want the all-out traditional wedding, which means the all-out traditional wedding dress, which doesn't exist for me. But it's ok because it's just going to be a hurdle for me, it's just, it's just a hurdle.


Kevin: I can't believe I used to date Jessica Biel.
Rebecca: Oh, I like her!