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The most intense hour of television occurred during This Is Us Season 2 Episode 11 when the Pearson clan went at it during a therapy session. 

Kate, Randall, Rebecca and Kevin reunited at the Four Seasons, which is where rich people go to get treatment after getting a DUI. 

What started out as a therapy session to address Kevin's addiction resulted in every single family member turning on each other. 

Barbara, the therapist, encouraged Kevin to talk about the root of his issues: his childhood. And with that, Jack's untimely death. 

Kevin blamed his problems on not being loved enough as a child and feeling like a "fifth wheel."

He explained that there was a voice in his head that kept saying him he wasn't good enough.

"You had mom and Kate had dad," Kevin told Randall adding that he never felt like he got enough attention. 

He tried to silence the voice with football then acting and eventually, the pills. 

According to him, it was inevitable because "they are a family of addicts."

Barbara inquired why Rebecca never talked to her children about Jack's addiction or informed them that they carry the gene. 

Offended, Rebecca retorted that Jack may have had a drinking problem but it was offensive to call such a great man an addict based on one fault. 

Still, Kevin didn't think he was the only addict in the family; Kate also has an addiction with food, which was addressed in the flashbacks when the family took an impromptu mini-vacation to a log cabin in the woods. 

Eventually, the therapy session moved to Rebecca loving Randall the most of all of her children. 

Randall, who always defended his mother chewed into his brother for saying he had a "terrible childhood," when they all know that wasn't the case. 

Succumbing to the pressure, Rebecca finally admitted that she didn't love Randall more, he was just easier to love. 

The thing about memories, though, is that everyone sees things a bit differently. They all remember it in a way that fits their narrative. 

The Big Three recoup on a bench, each one acknowledging that maybe they could have done things differently. 

In the end, all they have is each other so they need to hold onto that. 

Kevin returns to his suite to find his mother waiting to chat. 

She apologizes for not giving him enough attention when he was younger but she simply assumed he didn't need as much as the other two. 

In flashbacks, the family goes on a camping trip, which Kevin joins after football camp. 

Rebecca points out that every happy moment Kate has had recently had something in common with food. Jack agrees to get her more involved in sports so she stays active but when she refuses, he's forced to tell her she's been eating too many sweets. 

Upset, she rushes off into the forest and Jack has to cut his game with Kevin short, which upsets him.

He takes his anger out on Randall by calling him four-eyes, something he promised Rebecca he wouldn't do. 

Later, when Randall cannot find his glasses, she immediately blames Kevin thinking he took his brothers glasses. 

He lashes out and tells her he "hates her."

Kate tells Jack that some girls in class called her fat. To make her feel better, he takes her to the ice cream parlor. 

That night, Kevin is awoken by a thunderstorm. He spots Randall's glasses on under his bunk bed and goes to put them on Rebecca's nightstand. 

He notices that both Kate and Randall are sleeping in bed with the parents. Seeing as there's no room for him, which must mean that he's not as loved, he lays some covers on the floor next to them. 

A few hours later, Rebecca awakens to find Kevin sleeping alone on the floor. She grabs her covers and lies down next to him, a symbolic moment that shows she's always tried her best for the Big Three. 

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