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Rebecca helps Kevin and Kate get ready for their first school dance. Randall who is supposed to go the dance with one of Kate's friends is distracted by studying for a science test. 
At the dance, Rebecca tries to give a speech but the kids just tell them not to embarrass them. Randall asks his date if she knows anything about mitochondria. 
Kevin and Sophie start dancing but are interrupted by another kid who asks Kevin to join them in teepeeing the principal's office. 
Rebecca asks Jack about his first school dance, and he tells her he never went to one due to his upbringing. Rebecca decides it's time for him to make those memories and they sneak away from the gym. 
Rebecca and Jack start making out in the library but then they run into Randall, who is studying. His parents tell him he has to go dance with Kate' friend because he made a commitment. 
Kevin and Sophie are in the principal's office and Kevin tries to convince her to help teepee the office. She eventually throws one and Kevin wraps her and him together in toilet paper telling her she's stuck with him. They kiss.  
Rebecca asks Jack if it makes him sad he never went to a dance. When he says no an old song plays and Rebecca asks if he'd like to dance with her. 
While they dance they wonder if they would've liked each other if they went to school together. Rebecca doesn't think they would've meshed but Jack thinks if he saw her in school nothing else would've mattered and they would've been together forever. 
Randall and Beth say goodbye to Jack Jr. at the hospital and head home. Kate sings to him while Toby stands there unsure of what to do. 
Randall and Beth look at their very jam-packed agenda. Randall has a ton of city council work to get through but also has to get home in time for Beth to make it work. He gets home a little late and helps Annie with homework. By the time Beth gets home, Randall is passed out on the bed. 
Kevin and Zoe are at couples therapy. After a few jokes, Kevin tells the therapist about his relapse and how he's trying to make this relationship work. 
Zoe says what she's having difficulty with is him lying about drinking at the hospital. Kevin tells her he's all in with her and can see them raising a family together. 
The doctor comes in to perform some tests on Jack Jr. and encourages Kate and Toby to sing to him. Kate attempts to sing but Toby freaks out about the doctor potentially hurting his son. He has to walk away. 
Kevin comes home from his AA meeting and Zoe brings up him potentially wanting kids. She tells him that kids are not something she wants and she will never want them. 
She tells him that he needs to decide whether he needs to have kids or not, so they both know whether they should continue this relationship. 
Randall arrives a little late to Beth's recital. He gives her a typical Randall congratulations and she says she wishes he could've been there to hear her bosses speech at the beginning. Randall apologizes and then asks her to attend a dinner he needs to attend as the new councilman. 
At first, she says she can't but he eventually gets her to change her mind.
The next day, Beth tells Randall she can't make it to the dinner after all because of an opportunity at the dance studio. Randall begs her to be at his dinner because he needs her. 
Toby and a guy named Gavin talk in the waiting room. He tells Toby he's been here for six weeks with their baby. They share stories about their fears being here. Gavin talks about another couple here whose baby's organs are failing and won't be coming home, and how he thinks about how they are both better off than that couple. 
Toby admits that Kate is so much better at being with their baby then he is. 
After an AA meeting, Kevin finds himself outside of Sophie's apartment. She arrives home and sees him there. He explains to her that he was just at an AA meeting and didn't mean to lurk. 
She asks him if he's okay, before admitting she wanted to kill him after they broke up. He asks if she wants a coffee and she tells him she's engaged. He still asks to go for a coffee. 
Randall continuously calls Beth as she is nowhere near the dinner and isn't answering her phone. Randall leaves an angry message on her answering machine before heading inside for his dinner. 
Sophie tells Kevin about her engagement and he asks if they are going to have kids. Before she can answer he apologizes and tells her about Zoe not wanting kids and him having to make a decision. 
She tells him the reason this decision is so hard is that he's never had to make a decision. He got everything he wanted just by being himself. 
She encourages him to decide what he wants because he always gets it. 
At the dinner, Randall apologizes for Beth's absence and engages in some small talk. Beth ends up arriving and she explains she was stuck in traffic with a dead phone. She asks the host for a phone charger. 
Kate tells Toby that the doctors got everything they needed. Toby apologizes for leaving and tells her he's been letting her down. She admits she feels like she's been doing this alone. 
Toby tells her all he can see when looking at Jack Jr. is tubes, needles, and pain. He doesn't understand how she's able to just see their son. She tells him she believes he's cut out for this and proves it by leaving him alone with Jack Jr. while she takes a shower. 
At the dinner, Randall and Beth engage in small talk with the hosts. When they leave, Randall tells Beth that he left her an angry voicemail. She tells him she heard it and tells him he should go sleep on the cot in his office. 
Kevin comes home to Zoe and tells her he chooses a life with her over a life with kids. 
Kevin sends Sophie some tickets to Billy Joel for her and her finance. 
Kate and Toby hold Jack Jr. for the first time. 
Randall comes home and tells Beth they need to settle all their issues. She tells him to close the door. 
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This Is Us Season 3 Episode 16 Quotes

When I look at Jack, I am scared as hell of his tubes and his tape too. But then I look at his eyes and I see that his left is a tiny smidge bigger than his right, like yours. And I see a tiny crease above his chin like mine. I see us.


I called you four times Beth. What did you turn your phone off so you didn't have to deal with me, while you're busy standing me up? If you had told me something was this important to you, heaven and earth couldn't have stopped me from being there, but maybe that's the difference between us, I don't know. I hope it was worth it, okay? I hope your off having fun, talking about how to teach bored housewives how to twirl. Grow the hell up, Beth.