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The Pearson family are in the waiting room and have been waiting for multiple hours with no news. Kevin gets irritable with Randall when he watches him take an Advil. Randall tries to calm him down, but Kevin just gets mad at him even more. 

Randall asks his mom how she's doing, but she's very out of it.  Kate's doctor comes out and gives an update. He tells them they've been able to delay the labor but there's a risk of infection. 

The doctor advises them to go home and rest but Rebecca says they are staying. Kevin asks the doctor if he is really the best person to treat Kate. Randall stops him before he goes any further. The doctor asks the Pearsons to trust him. 

Miguel tries to ease the tension with the game. When its Kevin's turn he admits that he's grumpy because he has a hangover. He tries to explain himself but Rebecca says now's not the time. 

Zoe and Kevin talk about his drinking and she admits she could tell something was off. Before they can talk any further Madison arrives with donuts. She tries to make small talk but the Pearsons aren't responsive. 

Randall tries to talk to Beth about their prior conversation about her teaching dance. Beth opens the conversation up to everyone and Kevin takes Beth side just to get Randall mad. When Madison starts to talk, Kevin rudely asks what she's even doing there. She decides to leave. 

Kevin says he needs to take a walk and Randall asks Zoe if she knew he was drinking again and she says no. Randall wants to talk about Kevin's relapse but Miguel and Rebecca both don't think it's the right time. 

A loud woman enters the room and on the phone tells someone she's a double grandma. She has an extremely loud chip bag that aggravates the Pearsons. 

Randall tells Beth he doesn't not want her to dance but they do need to think practically about childcare. Randall tells her he just wants her to be happy because when she's happy, he's happy. Beth reminds him that's a selfish thing to say. 

Rebecca is light-headed, so Beth forces her to eat a donut. 

Miguel exits from the bathroom and sees Madison. She tells him that Kate had a clear birth plan. She mentions a Ruth-Bader Ginsburg doll that she encouraged Kate to buy for the baby. She isn't able to give Kate any of the stuff she planned for, but she can at least be there like she promised Kate she would be. 

Now she feels weird being here since she's not family. Miguel admits it's tough fitting in with the Pearsons. He tells her he's sure he can find a way to help Kate through this without feeling like she's interfering. 

Kevin returns with a water bottle and asks for news, but they have none. Zoe asks him when he started drinking and he tells her it was at Uncle Nicky's house. He tells her his drinking days are over before she can ask him more questions. 

At the vending machine, Beth asks Zoe how's she doing. Zoe admits what hurts her the most is that he lied to her. Beth tells her she wouldn't judge her if she left, but Zoe asks if Beth would judge her if she were to stay. 

Miguel asks if anyone knows whether Kate and Toby picked out a name. Her brothers reminisce about how she named all her stuffed animals. Randall says Kate was destined to be a mom. Randall asks Rebecca a question but she seems to be out of it again. 

Randall and Beth ask Rebecca and Miguel if they'd be willing to spend more time with the girls due to Randall and Beth's new schedule. They inform them that they plan to relocate to LA to be there for Kate and the baby. 

Randall gets upset about the idea but before he can say anything Kevin chimes in and tries to turn off the TV. Kevin laments about all the things that could be going on with Kate. He ignores Randall and demands the nurse give him an update on his sister. 

She gives in and tells him Kate's doctor is currently doing surgery. Randall tries to find out if it's Kate, but the nurse repeatedly tells him the doctor will update them eventually. 

Kevin picks a fight with Randall about leaving him alone with Nicky. Miguel tries to intervene but Randall shuts him down. The fight gets louder until Rebecca yells at them all to stop it. She tells them all of their problems don't matter until they hear more about Kate and the baby. 

She tells them about how she remembers every detail about the waiting room she was at when Jack was in the hospital. Toby comes out and gives them the news that his son has been born but he's very premature. He's currently on a machine that is helping him breathe and develop. 

He lets them know that Kate is okay and was amazing throughout the whole pregnancy. He asks for someone to call his parents before he heads back to Kate. 

Rebecca thanks Miguel for putting up with the family and Randall thanks the nurse for that as well. 

Madison arrives and gives Miguel the Ruth Bader-Ginsberg doll to give to Kate and thanks her for putting up with the Pearsons. 

Randall tells Rebecca and Miguel that it's good for them to move to LA and be there for Kate and Toby. Randall and Beth assure them that they will figure it all out. 

Kevin tells Zoe that he thought he had it under control but he's still so fragile. He says he doesn't think he can get through this without her. 

Beth tells Zoe she's proud of her for stepping out of old patterns. Zoe tells Beth that Kevin's water bottle was filled with vodka. 

Kate and Toby visit their son and she asks Toby if it's okay if they name him Jack. Toby is worried about how small he is but Kate assures him he's going to be okay. Kate asks her dad to do her a favor and make sure her son remains okay. She holds her son's hand and hugs Toby. 

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This Is Us Season 3 Episode 15 Quotes

Oh my god, I already love him so much this is insane. I would murder someone for him, Toby. Like a full-on dragon.


Rebecca: How is Kate?
Toby: Amazing, through the whole thing.
Rebecca: When can we go see her?
Toby: I don't know as soon possible, hopefully. She asked to see Miguel first.
Miguel: Really?
Toby: No, not really. Sorry, that was my poor attempt at some humor. I'm really tired.