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Kid Rebecca watches her mom be the "perfect" housewife. Teen Rebecca refuses to be like her mom and drops out of home ec and transfers into woodshop class. It is there where she meets Alan. 

Several years have passed and Alan is now at Rebecca's doorstep, asking her to take him back. Jack, who Rebecca went out on a date with the night before, sees this and drives off. 

Jack goes home where his father is verbally abusing his mom. Jack hears enough and tells his mom they are leaving, or else he will kill his dad. His mom is hesitant to leave at first, but Jack assures her that her friend Sheryl is happy to have them. She insists that they bring her a cake before they arrive. 

Rebecca has dinner with Alan's parents. Mrs. Philips beams with pride at Rebecca for not following Alan to London and following her own path. Rebecca tells them about her plans to move to LA, but Alan convinces her to move to New York with him instead. After thinking it over, she agrees to go with him. She goes to the store to buy a drink so they can celebrate. 

Rebecca runs into Jack at the store. She asks him why he didn't show up to her house and he admits that he saw her with Alan. She tells him that she's moving to New York to follow her dream. She asks him what his dream is. He tells her he wants a family and a home he never had. 

Rebecca asks Mrs. Phillips for advice. She admits Jack is holding her back from wanting to move to New York with Alan. Rebecca finds  Sheryl's house and sees Jack. After a brief conversation, Jack starts to clean the kitchen and washes the dishes. Jack asks about Alan but Rebecca assures him he's from a previous life. 

The two wash dishes together. Rebecca then surprises Jack by asking him to drive to LA with her. He agrees to go with her. 

Meanwhile, in the present, Kevin picks up Zoe from the airport. He asks her if she wants to attend a press event with him. She says no at first but when he tells her it's Terri Gross, she changes her mind. 

During the interview, Terri asks Kevin about his father's time in Vietnam. It's during this Q&A that Kevin realizes he knows very little about his dad's time as a soldier. Zoe encourages him to find out more. He decides to email a veteran that knew his dad. 

At the movie premiere, Randall confronts Kate about her comments about Jack and her baby. They argue and Kate tells Randall he doesn't know what she's going through. 

After a failed apology over the phone, Randall decides to fly out to LA and be there for Kate and Toby during her IVF surgery. While waiting for Kate to come through, Randall and Toby discuss their mental health issues. 

At the same time, Kate isn't waking up from her anesthesia. That is because she is having a dream that features 10-year old Kate, a grieving teen Kate, and Jack. Teen Kate tells adult Kate she will never have a baby, but adult Kate remains optimistic. 

Kate wakes up and accepts Randall's apology. She tells Randall he's the most like Jack because no one else except the two of them would have flown across the country to apologize to someone. Kate receives positive news after the surgery. 

While at the hospital, Randall gets a call from Deja. Chichi's daughter is in the hospital after being attacked outside the community center. Randall goes home and tells Beth he is going to run for council. Beth then tells him that she's been fired.  

This Is Us
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This Is Us Season 3 Episode 3 Quotes

Kevin: See, getting picked up from the airport isn't so bad. You get some guy to carry your bags for you and get some baller flowers.
Zoe: Baller?
Kevin: I regretted it the moment I said it.

Beth: You kind of have trouble apologizing to your siblings.
Randall: What? No, I don't!
Beth: Miguel says it's because you feel like you need to be the rock for them, and apologizing shows vulnerability.
Randall: I'm sorry, Miguel's weighing in on this now?
Beth: Me, him and Toby have a text chain. It's mostly GIFs but you know sometimes we talk about how messed up y'all are.