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A montage of moments occurs, showing how the Vietnamese woman in Kevin's photo got the necklace. 


Jack visits Nicky for the first time since he landed in Vietnam. He tries to give Nicky a hug, but Nicky pushes him away. When Nicky rambles on about neither of them actually being there, Jack asks him what he's on but Nikky just starts laughing. 

Jack promises his little brother that he will get him out of here. Nicky reminds him he's been charged with unbecoming conduct and tells Jack he isn't actually Superman. 

Jack visits Major Dawson and asks if he could take Nicky with him and make him a part of his troop. Dawson tells him he's too late and can't save Nicky, besides brothers aren't allowed to work together. He tells Jack to start walking to his ville. 

Jack asks a Vietnamese man if he could help take him to the fishing river. The man stops at a hut somewhere and tells Jack to wait. Jack pleads to himself, hoping Val ends up being a good guy. He walks over to the hut and sees Val delivering some canisters that could potentially be made into a bomb. 

Val stops again and tells Jack to walk. He asks Val if he's a good guy or bad guy to which he responds, sometimes. 

Jack sets up camp at night and sees the Vietnamese woman from Kevin's photo, wearing the necklace. The next day he returns to his troop and Major Dawson comes in telling Jack he has two weeks with Nicky.

Nicky tells Jack he should've let him rot. 

Jack and Rebecca:

Jack and Rebecca are on their way to Los Angeles. She tells him her mother thinks she's crazy for doing this. Jack tells her she's even better than Joanie Mitchell. She asks if there's anything he wants to do while in LA. He says he wants to visit some people in Pasadena but doesn't explain further. 

The two stop for dinner. Jack asks Rebecca what she hopes comes out of this record company meeting. When he asks if being on the road is what she really wants, she says she's unsure. She just loves doing her small part to keep slow dancing alive. Jack, in turn, takes her hand and they slow dance.  

Rebecca sees an old couple dancing and admits to Jack that she's a crier. She asks him if he's a crier and he admits that he isn't because he's gotten really good at swallowing the bad stuff. 

They check into the hotel and plan to sleep in separate beds but end up sleeping together. They continue to do this routine at every motel stop. 

One morning, Jack is having a nightmare and Rebecca worries when she tries to wake him up from it. When she asks about it in the car, Jack politely shuts her down. 

They arrive at Rebecca's friend, Nicole's house. Jack gets them drinks while Rebecca tells Nicole all about Jack. She confides in Nicole that she still doesn't know much about him because he's working through things from his time in Vietnam. Nicole realizes that Rebecca is really crazy about him and just wants him to let her in. 

Jack returns with drinks but gets frightened when he hears the bang from a champagne bottle opening. 

Later that night, Jack tells Rebecca he can't talk about Vietnam because he doesn't want to bring that part of his life into his new life with Rebecca. He asks if she'll come back to Pittsburgh, but she says she doesn't know. 

The next morning, Rebecca visits the record company who just tell her to keep in touch. When she asks for more specifics, the producer is brutally honest and tells her she's good for Pittsburgh. 

Meanwhile, Jack visits the family of one of the fallen soldiers in his troop and apologizes for getting their son killed. After he tells them what happened, they assure him it wasn't his fault their son died. 

Jack picks Rebecca up at the recording studio. Rebecca admits that it's kind of nuts in LA. She tells him they told her she was Pittsburgh good, which she's taking as a compliment. 

Jack asks to hear the song, which Rebecca declines at first. Jack calls her Bec, which takes her by surprise. She likes this new nickname he's christened her with. She ends up singing for him and he begins to cry. 

She stops at first but then realizes he needs this and continues to sing. They hold hands when she's done and she says it's time for them to go home.  

Kevin and Zoe: 

Kevin and Zoe have arrived in Vietnam. They take a photo, and Zoe requests Kevin doesn't tag her so her dad, who is in China, doesn't find out she's here and ask to see her. When Kevin probes for more, Zoe changes the subject. 

At dinner, Zoe tries a bat which grosses Kevin out. He asks her questions about her family but she doesn't answer. Kevin sees a tourist with the same necklace as him and she leads him to a souvenir shop where a bunch of the same necklace's are.

Kevin is disappointed that the necklace isn't as personal as he thought. He asks more questions about Zoe's family, but she just asks to go back to the hotel because she's feeling sick. 

He gets annoyed with her and thinks she being immature until she starts to throw up.  

Kevin brings a sick Zoe some coconut water to try and make her feel better. He tells her that his dad kept the first 25 years of his life a secret from his mom, but he doesn't want it to be the same way with Zoe. He says it's okay if she does keep her past a secret because he's falling in love with her. 

She tells him that her father sexually abused her. He tries to contact her sometimes to make amends but she has no interest and has moved on. She's not telling him because she's falling in love with him too, which she is, but because she doesn't want her father to ruin another great thing in her life. 

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This Is Us Season 3 Episode 7 Quotes

Nikky: What you got a plan, Jack? I got charged with Article 15, that's unbecoming conduct.
Jack: I'll figure something out.
Nikky: You know it's just a nickname man. You're not Superman. It's just a stupid nickname.

I want to be able to tell you everything and I want to know everything about you. But if I can't, that's okay. That's okay because you smell like peaches. Right now you don't, you smell like garbage right now actually, but typically you smell like peaches. And you keep snacks in that big purse you have. And well, I'm falling in love with you. Whether you open up to me or not, I'm falling in love with you.