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Young Toby is listening in on his parents arguing. His mother who is going through her own depression is about to have a meltdown in the store when his little brother starts to cry. Toby puts on a suit jacket and does impressions to try and make her laugh, which she eventually does. 

A few years later, Toby's dad is moving out and his parents are getting divorced. Many years later, Toby's wife leaves him after he went off his meds. His mother comes to visit him as he lies in bed depressed, almost in a vegetative state. She convinces him to see a therapist. 

The therapist helps him progress. He decides to shave his beard and go to group therapy where he first met Kate. 

In the present day, Kate and Toby find out they have one viable embryo, and the doctors will determine if Kate is pregnant or not. In order to take their minds off of it, they decide to both go to work and meet back at their place at 4 p.m. 

Toby uses this time to see if he can get anti-depressants at the pharmacy, but the pharmacist tells him he needs to see his doctor first. He ends up at an arcade and spends hours playing a game, just like he used to do when he was off his meds before. 

Meanwhile, Kate arrives at an office party who requested a singing Adelegram. She wows the crowd, and when one of the employees asks why she isn't on The Voice, she says she always pushed music away whenever she felt sad. 

Toby arrives late at their place where Kate is playing the piano. She tells him that the doctor called and she is pregnant. Toby ends up having an episode after hearing this. 

Kate comforts him as he lies in bed and tells him she made a doctors appointment for him. 

Kevin and Zoe are on a road trip, ready to visit Mr. Robinson. She realizes she forgot her pillowcase, but Kevin just assumes she's being high maintenance. They stop at a convenience store, where the clerk is rude to Zoe without Kevin noticing. 

They arrive at Mr. Robinson's house and after dinner, Kevin asks him questions about Jack. He reveals to Kevin that Jack wasn't a mechanic, but a Sergeant. 

He tells Kevin that sometimes it's better to leave dark memories like this war behind them. 

At the same time, Zoe and Mrs. Robinson are cleaning up in the kitchen. Zoe talks to her about the incidents that happened that didn't even faze Kevin. It's the first time she dated a white guy. Mrs. Robinson tells Zoe she needs to decide if Kevin is worth it to her. 

At the hotel, Zoe tells Kevin about the incidents that he was oblivious to. He asks why she's now telling him this. She says it's because she thinks he's worth it. 

Mr. Robinson visits Kevin before he leaves the next day and gives him letters Jack wrote to him. There is also a picture of Jack with a Vietnamese woman wearing the necklace Kevin always wears. 

Randall and Beth are both getting ready for a big day. He is going into the twelfth district to campaign and she has an interview. 

Randall has a lot of people who come to attend the free BBQ that he's hosting. However, things go south when he tries to give a speech. The citizens of the neighborhood are happy with Councilman Brown and don't want to see Randall change things. 

After everyone leaves, Randall doesn't understand why they are complacent just because Brown is their friend. Howard, the owner of the restaurant, tells Randall that Councilman Brown has helped many people in this community protect their livelihood from rich white collars. 

Beth tries to comfort Randall after they leave. He realizes his campaign tactics aren't working. He asks Beth about the interview and she says it went well. In reality, Beth teared up during her interview when they brought up her former employers. 

In the flashback, Randall and Kevin are getting ready for Prom but Kate isn't going. When they arrive at Allison's house to take photos, Allison's father is upset when he sees Randall. 

Randall doesn't end up going to Prom and when he comes home Miguel, who was fixing the Pearson's fridge, tries to make him feel better. Meanwhile, Kevin gets drunk at Prom and Sophie brings him to Miguel's house. 

He calls Rebecca to let her know and she thanks him for always being there for them, which was a promise he made to Jack years ago. 

This Is Us
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This Is Us Season 3 Episode 5 Quotes

Beth: You cannot cry on the campaign trail.
Randall: I'm not going to cry.
Beth: You're an emotional man, Randall. You talk about fathers, you cry. You talk about daughters, you cry. You talk about the little brown boy on the corner who tried to sell lemonade in the winter, you cry.
Randall: The lemonade froze, Beth.
Beth: Yeah well he was stupid, baby.

Kevin: How do I introduce you anyway? My documentarian girlfriend, does that work?
Zoe: You introduce me as Zoe, human being whose a documentarian, who you happen to be dating.
Kevin: Kind of a mouthful, but we'll go with it.