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Randall tells his therapist that he can't stop thinking about what might have happened had Jack not died.

Randall imagines Jack coming home with Rebecca after the fire. Rebecca tells Jack he almost died and it puts things in perspective.

Rebecca then tells Randall about meeting William. Jack is there while she tells him who he is. Randall is upset. Jack insists on going with him to meet William. 

Randall and Jack go to William's apartment. Randall knocks. William stares at the two of them but lets them in. Jack doesn't like Randall calling Rebecca his adopted mom. William gives him some letters.

On the way back, Jack encourages Randall to temper his expectations. Jack thinks William is using and is uncomfortable. Randall says that Jack is an addict too.

Jack and William go to an AA meeting together. Later, William and Randall talk about schools and Randall only wants Jack to take him to school, not Rebecca.

After Randall runs into Beth, she comes to dinner and Jack is there. Jack is happy that Beth brings the hot sauce. Randall is rude to Rebecca. Beth takes him into the kitchen and tells him to cut it out.

At Randall and Beth's wedding, Jack makes a toast. 

Jack is there when Tess is born.  Then Randall learns about William having cancer.

Jack is there when Rebecca can't find her phone.

Randall's therapist interrupts that she is trying to keep track of what happened. She says that in his fantasy life everything is perfect, including getting Rebecca into that clinical trial. Randall's therapist doesn't think he's being honest. She makes him talk about what scares him about what could have happened if his father had survived that night.

Rebecca and Jack sit together. Jack is upset that Rebecca lied about meeting William. Rebecca says she was trying to protect Randall. Jack is angry that she made that call on her own.  Randall overhears their fight and runs off. Jack won't let Rebecca go after Randall.

Randall and Jack go to William's apartment but William doesn't answer til the third time he knocks and is drunk and doesn't believe Randall is his son.

After Randall is rejected he goes to school early and leads a group of boys who have faced adversity in dancing and cheers.

At home, nobody is talking to each other. There is a lot of tension between Rebecca and Jack. Randall is anxious. Kevin wants to be a chef. Rebecca asks how school is and Randall won't talk about it.  He wants to go. He tells Jack things will never be normal. Everyone is upset that he is leaving.

Jack makes a toast at Kevin's wedding. Beth has never met these people before. Randall goes to say goodbye to Kevin so they can get out of here. Kevin is a real estate agent. Randall tells him Beth is his TA and nothing serious. Kate now has two little girls. She wants the guys to come to the cabin for 4th of July but Randall doesn't know. Kevin says Randall never comes anywhere. Rebecca breaks up the fight. Randall still doesn't want to talk to her and says he has to go.

Randall gets an envelope. There is a note inside saying William died. William has left him all the news clippings about Randall, a bunch of poems, and a cowboy hat. Randall throws it all away.

Randall kisses his TA. Jack calls while Randall is making his smoothie. Jack says Thanksgiving is next week and he hopes Randall will come home. He thinks he should be with family for the holiday. He wants Randall to forgive Rebecca as she's not well. He tells Randall about her memory issues.

Randall comes home and hugs Rebecca.

In therapy, Randall says he doesn't want to do this anymore. The therapist says he needs to realize he can't control everything and that even if Jack had lived things could have gone a million different ways. Jack died of a heart attack. Randall wishes he had tried to save him. He says he tried with William and when it wasn't working he could let go. But he didn't try with Jack.

Randall explodes at the therapist. She says it's interesting this all came up because he fought with Kevin about taking care of his mother. Randall says his birth mother was a fling, and that he's forgiven Rebecca for having lied to him. Therapist says it's interesting that the very first thing in his fantasies is that after Jack lives, Rebecca tells the truth about William. She thinks he chose her as a therapist because she reminds him of Rebecca. She wonders if he has ever confronted Rebecca about keeping WIlliam from him.

Randall comes home and finds Beth watching TV on her iPad. He tells her about what the therapist said. Beth kisses Randall and says she's proud of him.

Toby and Kevin are playing Pictionary with Rebecca and Miguel. Randall calls. Rebecca asks if everything is okay since it's so late. Randall says he is calling to talk. Rebecca asks how he is. He says he was thinking about her decision. Rebecca says she doesn't want to be away from the famliy.

Randall tells his therapist that everything she said makes sense. 

Randall tells Rebecca he has been a good son, staying home and taking care of her and letting things go.  

Randall tells Dr. Lee he lost both his fathers and couldn't fix it. And now his mother is sick.

Randall tells Rebecca he never asked her for anything, but he is going to ask her for something now. She has to do this clinical trial so he won't be wishing 20 years from now that he had tried harder.

Randall promises Dr. Lee to contnue with therapy but he won't relitigate what his mother did to him with William.

Rebecca looks at her family and says okay..

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This Is Us Season 4 Episode 17 Quotes

Randall: What's wrong? Mom, you're really freaking me out.
Rebecca: Sweetheart, when you were a baby, I met your birth father.

Hey guys, listen to me. We're all gonna be fine. We're here, we're together. That's all that matters.