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Kevin and Madison talk. Kevin is shocked by the pregnancy news. It's not a good time because of the virus.

Annie has heard that touching your face makes you get COVID. Deja says maybe. Beth says it's serious.

Randall finds out the clinical trial was canceled because of COVID. They find out that Tom Hanks has it.

Kevin comes to see Kate and Toby. Toby jokes "did you get somebody knocked up?" Madison comes out of the car. Toby is thrilled. Kate seems upset but she just wants to give an air hug.

Randall comes home. He has been giving PPE out. Beth gives Randall the news about Madison.

Kevin considers getting a big house for Madison and him to quarantine in together. Madison doesn't want to leave her home. She offers Kevin a guest room. He's happy to take it.. It's decorated with Japanese stuff from when Madison did a year abroad. 

Randall sends Kevin a text congratulating him. Kevin says it's good to hear from him then deletes it and just says thanks. Randall gets a news alert about George Floyd's death.

Randall has a therapy session online. He tells his therapist that they are managing with the financial situation. His therapist asks how is he managing with everything? She wants him to feel comfortable talking about anything.

Randall and family watch the coverage of the protests. He gets a text from Kate about how she went to the march. Tess wants to change the channel. Annie puts on a game show with a Black family jumping up and down and cheering.

Kevin is watching it too. They all used to watch it together. 

Madison says she knows Kevin is worried about his mom at the cabin. She says her grandparents used to rent a camper. They could all test and quarantine first and go up together to see Rebecca for Kevin's 40th. She lets him touch her baby bump.

Later Madison and Kevin lie in bed together and so Randall and Beth.

Beth wakes up and finds Randall typing. Another all nighter? It's his birthday. Randall says he has a Zoom call with local business owners and has to prep for a rally at the police station. But he is 100% tremor free. Beth says they haven't had sex in a while because of all the stress. Randall is turned on but asks for a raincheck. She says so what do you want to do for your birthday? She's not going to ask him again if he wants to go to the cabin. He doesn't. She says a strictly quarantined Malik is coming over for Deja and Malik's anniversary. Randall says maybe today wasn't his real birthday. He'll never really know what happened that day.

In the past timeline, a drugged-out William hears the baby crying and tries to quiet him, then tries to wake up Randall's mom and can't.  

William and Laurel (prior to this) sit with some other Black people talking about politics and Laurel announces she's pregnant. William remembers this as the baby keeps crying. He calls for help.

Jack asks a very pregnant Rebecca if she needs help. He has everything, even the butt cream, and a razor in case Rebecca wants him to shave his beard off.

In the present, Rebecca is pruning the garden. She tells Miguel she can't believe they're 40 and Randall isn't here. 

Kate is not happy that Randall is not here. Rebecca comes in and asks about the adoption. She also misses Randall. She wants to make their favorite food for dinner. She feels great. She goes. Kate and Toby feel weird about talking about Kevin and Madison being together.

Kevin is getting dressed after his shower.He comes in and Madison looks like she's in pain. She tripped over the suitcase and fell on her stomach and she can't feel the babies moving. Kevin says everything's going to be okay. Madison wants to be checked out right now. She doesn't want Kate to come with them.

William watches them try to revive Laurel and has a flashback of Laurel not liking to talk about her life before William. She thanks him for not pushing. She's gonna go for a assistant manager job so they'll have money for a better apartment two floors up with the giant window for the baby. 

William can't tell the EMTs anything. He says she took the narcotic last night. She was clean before the baby. Laurel appears to die. William asks if she's gone. One of the EMTs keeps doing compressions. The other one says she's gone and call the cops. William runs away with the baby. William tells baby Randall it'll be okay. This intersperses with Jack taking Rebecca to the hospital when she is in labor.

Tess and Deja are trying to make a cake. Tess is upset that they aren't going to the cabin to see Uncle Kevin. Deja says leave it alone. Tess says you just want to be with Malik. Randall comes in and tells them to stop fighting.

Annie makes a shake for Randall.

Rebecca wants to go buy a cake. She goes and Miguel says they have a system and it's okay.

In the hospital Madison says this is taking too long. Kevin says it's an urgent care in the middle of nowhere. The OBGYN comes in. She only finds one heartbeat. She says let's not panic yet. She's going to do a vaginal ultrasound.

We have a replay of last season's scene where Rebecca thinks a stranger is William.

In the past, William drops Randall at the fire station. He has a flashback of making dinner for Laurel. Laurel is crying and says her friends are just gone like that, arrested for handing out flyers. She didn't get the manager job so there's no money for bail. She wanted that apartment for the baby. William says he'll have us.

William drops the baby off and runs away.

Malik asks Randall if he's in trouble since he's sitting outside. He has brought burgers to recreate his first meal with Deja. He says happy birthday. Randall is obsessed with his computer. Malik asks if he's okay. Randall says he's fine. He says he sees Malik and his family have been demonstrating. They took the baby with them. Randall asks if Malik watched the video. Malik says yeah he watched it with his dad and took a walk. They do that after each one. Randall tells him how it wasn't talked about when he was growing up and he learned on his own. He's never told anyone that before. Malik goes and Randall gets a text from Kate that Rebecca is lost.

Jack suggests Rebecca move around. She'd like some music. Jack is upset that he forgot the radio. He's going to go find her one. Rebecca tells the doctor Jack has been anxious all month.

Kevin asks Madison, you trust me?

Rebecca tells the dr it takes a lot of strength for the men to show the scared little boy inside. 

Kevin says our babies are gonna be fine. They're gonna be fine. He can see it. We're gonna have two beautiful, healthy babies and they're gonna be amazing. He thinks they should get married. He pulls down. her mask and she smiles.

Rebecca wonders if they'll have sons. She hopes they're like their father.

Dr comes back to do the ultrasound. Two heartbeats!

In the car, Madison says she doesn't see Kevin's broken parts. She feels his flaws are not broken parts. They're just part of him. She thinks he is pretty fantastic. So she frees him from his marriage proposal. Kevin says he's not taking ti back unless she wants him to. She won't make him unless he wants to. 

On the bus, William has a flashback of Laurel saying if she can't be the mother the baby deserves, promise her he'll make the baby a family. William wants to go to the hospital.

Rebecca freaks out about losing her phone.

Kevin and Madison look at each other.

Randall is driving to the cabin, by himself.

Jack takes a radio from the break room. He passes William as he rushes back.

We have a montage of miusic while Rebecca gives birth and William looks at Randall.

At the cabin, Kate is freaking out about Rebecca being missing. Kevin and Madison come in. Kate tells them about Rebecca being missing. Kevin says he's gonna go look for her. Is Madison okay? Kate asks what's going on. Madison says she just had some morning sickness. Miguel gets off the phone with the cops. He says let's stay calm and we don't know what kind of state she's gonna be in.

The cops take Rebecca in. Kate signs the papers and overhears Kevin saying his fiancee has morning sickness. He comes back and talks to Kate. Kate says that Rebecca was GONE. She asks about Kevin saying fiancee. There's a knock on the door. It's Randall.

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This Is Us Season 5 Episode 1 Quotes

Kevin: Kate, what are you feeling?
Kate: I am feeling... like... we need a massive air hug right now!

Kevin: Twins? Wow. What now?
Madison: I don't know. This all seems to be happening just as the world is falling apart.