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A montage of younger Rebecca ends with her getting a new haircut, while in the present/future, Rebecca doesn't want anything done with her hair until Miguel reminds her that it's Kate's wedding today. Randall goes to see Rebecca and she can't wait for Jack to get here. Miguel won't let Randall respond to this. Miguel also says that Rebecca's medication regime is constantly changing. He wants the wedding photos done early so Rebecca can nap.

Kate admits to Philip she is nervous about Rebecca playing for them at the wedding. THis is a song Rebecca has sung for them all their lives and she wants it to be perfect.

Madison and Beth go looking for Kevin and discover he was with some girl last night. They wonder who he was with.

Kevin is orchestrating the photos. Beth and Madison wonder if it's the wedding singer... or Sophie? Madison says but Sophie is married. It could be Cassidy, too, who has come with Kevin as a friend. Madison needs to know who it is.

Kevin makes a stupid joke about Elijah being on watch lists. Elijah calls him the Manny. Rebecca calls Kevin Jack. Rebecca gets upset when Randall says that Jack has not been around for a while.

In the past, Rebecca is embarrassed by her new haircut, especially because the kids think she looks like Peter Pan. Jack says they're gonna talk about how to treat Mom.

Kevin tells Randall that the doctors have said not to correct Rebecca when her memory fails.. Just distract her. The guys think that maybe it's too much to ask Rebecca to play at the wedding. Philip interjects that music is good for Rebecca and it will be fine. However, he tells Randall privately he isn't sure that Rebecca is up for this.

Jack tells the kids that if they don't have anything nice to say about Rebecca's haircut, be quiet. Randall asks why she cut her hair. Rebecca says she wanted to try something new and she's not talking about it anymore.

Miguel and Nicky are playing cards when Randall comes in. Everyone think Nicky is cheating at cards. Rebecca seems totally with it now. Miguel doesn't think they need to go over Rebecca's performance. He wants to go wine tasting with Randall, who doesn't think it's a good idea.

Randall keeps trying to talk about Alzheimers and Miguel won't, nor will he talk about his blood pressure meds or the tremor in his hand.

Rebecca is watching Golden Girls with Nicky when "Jack" comes in. It's really Kevin. They go for a walk.

In the past, Jack reassures Rebecca that her hair looks good. She says the kids hate it. Jack doesn't think they should take fashion tips from six-year-olds. Rebecca hates her hair but she wanted to do something different because she does everything for the kids on autopilot. Jack tells her that life was so unpredictable when he was a kid due to his dad's alcoholism that he relishes routines. Rebecca makes the prophetic statement that she doesn't want to forget who she is.

In the present, Rebecca goes back and forth between knowing this is Kevin and not. She thinks Kevin just needs time to figure things out with Sophie.

They run into Sophie, while Beth and Madison spy. Kevin asks if Sophie got any sleep. So maybe it wasn't Cassidy after all?

Randall and Miguel are packing boxes of wine. Miguel accuses Randall of snooping.

The kids are watching He-Man. Randall tells Rebecca she looks like a really pretty boy. Jack shows up and has shaved his beard but not his mustache. The kids think he looks like Magnum PI. Also he called the sitter so that he and Rebecca can take their new looks out on the town.

At the wedding, Kevin interacts with both Sophie and Cassidy while they are waiting for Philip and Kate. Miguel walks Kate down the aisle. The officiant has Philip's vows by accident. Kate's vows begin with how they used to hate each other but it was real and gritty. They exchange rings and kiss.

In the past, Rebecca sings.

Kevin does the impression he's been practicing. Also some relative of Philip's makes an odd toast. Randall welcomes Philip to the family. He also talks about how time goes slower when you're a kid and as you get older the years fly by faster and faster, can give a guy whiplash just thinking about it. Rebecca stares into space when she's called up to the stage. Miguel whispers to her and she gets up.

In the past, Rebecca and Jack go to dinner and compliment each other's appearances. She tells him she loves their routine. Jack says it's good to shake things up from time to time. Jack dares her to play the piano.

At the wedding Philip whispers to Kate that he has a Plan B if Rebecca flounders.  Rebecca sits down at the piano and adjusts the microphone. She begins to play, haltingly, then begins to sing. Everyone is teary-eyed.

Madison is staring at Kevin at the reception. He wants to know what's going on. Madison and Beth deny it. The wedding singer steals Kevin away and they overhear her say about last night...

While the singer is singing Beth compliments Randall on his speech. He tells her that Rebecca is sick and Miguel's getting old and he can see where this is all headed. Beth gets him to dance with her.

On the dance floor, Randall asks Kevin what happened last night. Kevin says it is a long story. We see that Kevin spent time with all three women.

This Is Us
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This Is Us Season 6 Episode 13 Quotes

Madison: Kevin couldn't have dressed the kids while we were out?
Beth: I will leave him a penis picture as punishment.

Randall:: You excited for Kate's wedding, Mom?
Rebecca: Oh yes. I just can't wait for your father to get here.
Randall: What?
Miguel: Never mind. Oh, and I wouldn't knock yourself out about the medications. Her regime is constantly changing.
Randall: I guess with the Senate campaign and everything I've missed a few things.