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Jack sits watching it snow out the window and thinking about dragging a sled as a kid. He doesn't have the right color suit and wants to buy a new one even though it's expensive.

Jack wants to go to Ohio before the snow gets worse. Rebecca wants to take the kids and go with him. He insists on going by himself. The kids barely knew his mother anyway.

The kids come filing in talking about how Grandma Marilyn has died. They quickly move on to wanting to play in the snow and how they don't like the mittens Grandma made for them.

Jack recalls the past, when he took his mom on a road trip away from her abusive husband (his father). She doesn't want to be a burden. He tells her to call every Sunday at 6 PM. He won't miss her call.

In the present Jack rings the doorbell. Debby isn't happy that he finally showed up.

Little Jack looks down at the hill he is about to sled down.

Debby says to Jack that she thought she'd see more of him over the years. Jack says it's tough with triplets and work. He spoke to his mom every week. Debby says she knows. Also don't call her Cousin Debby, just Debby. Jack is here to help but it's already been taken care of. The funeral is the day after tomorrow at 2 PM so they don't have to serve food. Jack says his mom was lucky to have Debby. Debby says Marilyn planned it out before she died. However, Jack could do a eulogy if he wants. Debby wants to read a poem she wrote.Jack has no idea that his mother loved poetry.

Debby asks Jack to pick out a dress for the burial. He goes into a room and finds a copy of Clan of the Cave Bear and lots of photos.

The younger Jack gets a call from his mom. She tells him she made a mistake. She asked her ex-husband to send her a few things. But he doesn't know where she is (hopefully). Anyway, she wants to know how Rebecca is.

In the present, Jack turns and sees a Siamese cat on the bed. He comes out of the room and Debby is telling someone they aren't serving a meal. He wonders if Debby has told his dad. Debby isn't about to call that bastard. Also the cat isn't hers, it was the mom's and her boyfriend, Mike. The cat's living with him. Can Jack bring the cat back to Mike's?

Jack brings the cat back to Mike, who was hoping he'd come by. The cat's name is Cat Benetar. It keeps getting out and running back to Marilyn's. Mike hugs Jack and says Marilyn was a good woman. He asks about Rebecca and the kids. For some reason Mike feels a need to try to convince Jack to let the kids watch WWF. He says he's nervous. This isn't how he pictured them meeting. He offers Jack a beer and says he has photos of him and Marilyn that Jack might like to see. Jack is glad to see that Marilyn was happy. How did they meet? Mike says he's a night owl but one night he woke up early and went to a coffee shop and Marilyn said he was at her table. From then on he went to the coffee shop early to meet her.

Jack can't remember his mother laughing. Mike says nothing was more important to her than his calls. Jack was her hero.

Little Jack tries to go sledding and falls off his sled.

Jack wakes up to find the cat staring at him. He sits up and has nothing on his eulogy pad.

In a flashback Rebecca answers the phone when Jack doesn't. She thanks her for the scarf. Jack comes back with baby Kevin. He tries to balance taking care of the baby with talking. Marilyn says she'll come once things settle down. She will come soon. Jack reassures her she won't run into his father. Marilyn says Debby needs help with the flower shop. He should bring the kids there and go ice skating. Jack says the kids can't walk yet. He promises they will as soon as they can. He rushes off the phone before she finishes saying I love you.

In the present, Jack pets the cat. He goes for a walk in the snow and goes to the coffee shop where Marilyn and Mike met to write his eulogy. Mike calls him over to drink with some other people in honor of Marilyn.  Jack seems left out of the toast. Everyone else is talking about Marilyn and sharing memories. Jack has none.

Jack returns to the house and picks up the phone. He calls his father and tells him that his mother is gone. The father says he's sorry. When is the funeral? Jack isn't inviting him to the funeral. His whole life he never knew his mother and he blames his father for that. His father wants to come to the funeral because Marilyn was his wife.

Little Jack drags his sled. Jack awakens. Debby asks how the eulogy is coming. Jack says he made a mistake and called his dad. Debby asks is he coming? Jack doesn't know. Debby is annoyed.

Jack picks out a yellow dress for his mom for her burial. He finds a box under the bed with ice skates.

In a flashback, Marilyn has come to visit the babies and is knitting and staring into space, not talking. She's worried her ex knows she's here. Jack says he hasn't talked to his dad in years. Marilyn says she will start on lunch and goes into the kitchen. Jack follows her. She wants to make his favorite: hot dogs and tomato soup. He says that wasn't his favorite. Maybe Nicky. She says no it's you. You'd go out and play in the snow and I'd make you hot dogs and tomato soup and watch the snow fall. Next time she wants him to visit her so they can take the kids skating on the pond.

Jack calls Rebecca. He's a mess. He wishes he had taken the kids to his mom's to ice skate. Also he has no idea what he's going to say in this eulogy. Rebecca doesn't know what to say either. But she's here for him and loves him. Jack tells her he loves her and takes out the black suit. He gets dressed for the funeral. The cat is watching him.

Little Jack knocks on the door and his mom tells him they will hide the sled and save for a new one. His father will never know.

Jack says the flowers are nice. Debby is worried it's too much. She's still worried about the father showing up. The pastor starts the service. Debby reads a poem and is very emotional about it.  Mike begins to cry too.

Jack is called up next. He looks out at the audience. He says she was a good mother who did her best and he loved her. All of a sudden Rebecca shows up with the kids. He starts again, talking about the house he grew up in not being easy for either him or Marilyn and how they both did their best. He says that you have to build a new house and a better life.  He doesn't know if his mother could forget the details of that house but she fille dup her life with new ones worth remembering. He says that Rebecca and the kids gave him a new home and Mike and Debby gave Marilyn one too. He is so grateful to them.

Mike plays with the kids. Jack is worried about his mother not finishing her book.  The cat investigates a box of Kevin and Randall's stuff.

Mike and Debby take the kids skating while Jack and Rebecca sit and watch. Afterward Jack makes tomato soup and hot dogs for everyone. We see him and Marilyn make them in tandem. The kids are skeptical until they try it.

Jack gets upset and runs away from the table. Rebecca goes after him and hugs him while he cries.


This Is Us
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This Is Us Season 6 Episode 4 Quotes

Knowing my mom, I got a funeral to plan and a lifetime of loose ends to tie up. I think it's just better if I do this on my own.


Rebecca: How about this suit?
Jack: That's light gray. I need a black suit.
Rebecca: Maybe we can go to Kimbel's. But suits are so expensive.
Jack: Doesn't matter what the cost is. It's my mother's funeral.