On This Is Us Season 5 Episode 3, the Big Three enter adolescence, while in the present, Randall and Beth realize they are the parents of a teenager.

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This Is Us Season 5 Episode 3 revolves around beginning adolescence.

The Big Three visit the family doctor, who says they are teenagers now and is glad that Kevin gained two pounds. Kevin and Randall can't seem to lay off each other in the doctor's office.

Later, at home, Kate's friend Tanya comes over to study. Tanya thinks Stewart still likes Kate, while she is interested in Randall. It turns out Stewart just wanted to do the project with them and is not interested in Kate anymore. Meanwhile, Tanya tries to flirt with Randall, who runs away.

In the present, Randall meets his new therapist for the first time. Later, he and Beth need to deal with Tess' misbehavior. Tess and a friend posted a video cursing out teachers who didn't respect them. She insists this is who she is and runs off to her room.

Randall is proud of Tess for being unafraid to stand up for herself, but Beth says they need to be on the same page about disciplining her. Randall talks to Tess. He takes her phone away and grounds her and she calls him a fascist.

Elsewhere, Toby and Kate meet Elly, a young woman who is interested in giving her baby up for adoption. They think they scared her away fighting about whose fault it is that Jack is out of diapers, but she doesn't seem to be.

Finally, Kevin and Madison begin to come to terms with the fact that they both have a lot of baggage.

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On This Is Us Season 5 Episode 3, Kevin and Madison navigate their engagement as Kate and Toby take a step in their adoption, and Randall looks for a new therapist.

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This Is Us Season 5 Episode 3 Quotes

Beth: There's a lot of teen 'tude up in here.
Randall: One day you've hung the moon, the next you're warding off famine and pestilence.

It's not often that I send parents off with three teenagers who are all going through puberty at the exact same time. Good luck.