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The team follows Flynn back to 1754, during the French and Indian War, and is stranded there when Flynn's men blow a hole in the Lifeboat. Rufus has to figure out how to repair it using existing materials. The support team figures out there's a problem when the Lifeboat doesn't arrive after Flynn returns. The rescue plan depends on team protocol, planting a message in a bottle in the ground to be dug up in the future. The team is fighting among themselves after the revelations from the last mission. Then they get captured by Indians. Back in the future, Mason and Christopher oversee a dig for the message in a bottle. The tied-up team discusses what they would miss about the future. They meet the Indians chief Nonhelema, who wants to kill Lucy and Wyatt, but Rufus talks her into sparing their lives. In the present, they find the bottle, but it's cracked and much of the message has washed away. The trio fakes their way into Fort Duquesne, so Rufus can cobble together supplies to help with repairs. Rufus discovers a forge and creates parts. The Frenchmen they were trying to elude catch up with them, and they escape. Rufus tells them he's worried about having no navigation system, which means they could land anywhere. Jiya pieces together what Rufus was trying to say -- that the home team has take over and control the Lifeboat. The team finishes repairs as the Frenchmen catch up to them again and start firing. The cobble repairs hold and they rattle back to the future, with Jiya successfully guiding them in. Rufus starts babbling, then Jiya kisses him. Christopher is suspicious of Mason and wants to investigate him. The trio debates fate versus choice for their futures. 

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Timeless Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

Wyatt: How do you say, 'I had sex with your mother' in French?
Lucy: You don't, unless you're trying to get us killed right now.

Wyatt: You just had to build a fire, didn't you?
Rufus: How was I supposed to know they'd see it?
Wyatt: You do know fire makes light, right?