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In the present, guidance officer Wayne Ellis is recalling the lunar landing by Apollo 11 on July 20, 1969, for Flynn and Anthony. Flynn and Anthony then go back to 1969, and Flynn kills Ellis for his ID badge. The trio is following him back, with no idea what Flynn's plan is. Wyatt's cover is as an FBI agent, Lucy a secretary, and Rufus a janitor. Disguised as a plumber, Flynn infiltrates Lockman Aerospace, where the punch tape that Anthony needs is stored. Anthony switches out magnetic tapes in the NASA computer room. Rufus sees Anthony and confronts him. The computers crash just as the lunar module is about to land, and Anthony escapes. Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin are trapped on the moon, and the Russians may win the Cold War as a result. Wyatt goes to investigate Maria Tompkins at Lockman, while Wyatt and Lucy must figure out how to save the astronauts. Rufus has to find a way to overcome the virus Anthony put in the NASA system, so he and Lucy enlist mathematician Katherine Johnson to help them. Flynn follows Maria and her son Gabriel to the park. Katherine gets Rufus and Lucy into the mainframe. Maria and Flynn talk about losing their loved ones, observed by Wyatt. Wyatt loses Flynn when he's interrupted by a local cop. Anthony and a guard walk in on Rufus, Katherine and Lucy, and Anthony shoots the guard. Rufus's program restores communications. While Wyatt is visiting with Maria, Flynn appears to give Gabriel an epinephrine shot to save him, then escapes. Gabriel grows up to be Flynn's half-brother. 


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Timeless Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

Lucy: I just feel I could cover a lot more ground if I wasn't a secretary in the typing pool.
Rufus: She says to the guy whose only possible cover is janitor.
Lucy: Touche.

Greetings. We come in peace.

Flynn [to Wayne Ellis]