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On Timeless Season 1 Episode 5, Lucy, Rufus, and Wyatt follow Flynn back to the Battle of the Alamo to prevent him from changing time again, but they're too late.

Flynn murders the writer of the letter that was supposed to be sent out and bring the nation together for justice after everyone at the Alamo was killed violently, causing Lucy to scramble to fix time and keep the families trapped at the Alamo safe.

As he's murdering him, Flynn calls himself a patriot and talks about fighting the "corrupt power," which is clearly what he believes he's doing.

Rufus continues spying on Wyatt and Lucy for Rittenhouse, desperately afraid from their visit and the consequences if he chooses to oppose him.

Meanwhile, Flynn helps Santa Anna prepare his army for war against the Alamo, but things quickly turn against him when Santa Anna refuses to let the women and children go free as they were supposed to in the original battle. Also, Flynn says he's a father.

Rufus and Lucy are astounded to meet Davy Crockett at the Alamo, while Wyatt has flashbacks of his time in the military due to the stress of an upcoming battle in the Alamo.

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You're replacing me.


You won't even tell me his name... I just want to know who my father is.