Timeless Season 1 Episode 5 Review: The Alamo

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If this episode did anything, it's prove exactly why Wyatt should actually be fired.

Timeless Season 1 Episode 5 led the trio to the Battle of the Alamo, on a mission to stop Flynn, again, though what exactly he was doing there remains to be seen.

Battle of the Alamo - Timeless

Sure, the team bonded and saved Wyatt from his impending dismissal, but every mission, it's the same story with Wyatt.

His personal feelings cloud his judgment, leading the trio to disastrous events and consequences, yet they somehow "save the day" in the end, even though they've dramatically altered time each trip in doing so.

Rufus wants to save Anthony, Lucy wants to save history and her sister, yet Wyatt is ready to kill whomever he pleases.

It's his training that makes him a liability because he feels the need to punish all those that commit wrong acts, but with time-travel, history wouldn't be what it is without those bad people and those that "save the day."

Who wants to bet that Garcia Flynn is Lucy's father? Why else would they choose her, out of every historian in the world, to be part of their team?

The same episode that Lucy confronts her mother about her father's identity, Flynn confesses that he's a father to Santa Anna in an attempt to save the women and children inside the base. And Lucy just so happens to be there.

He's proved that he's not out to kill them, at least not Lucy, so there's obviously some sort of connection, and he's got the journal of hers that matches her handwriting, but she hasn't written.

I recently saw an interesting theory that Flynn may be trying to revert the timeline back to how it's originally supposed to be. That Rittenhouse changed it to benefit them, whoever they are.

That's why Flynn considers himself a patriot; he's trying to save the world that he knows. How would this have all gone down? No idea. But it's an interesting thought to keep your mind going amidst the endless drag of the Timeless plot.

These weekly trips just aren't cutting it to keep the show going, and the lack of reveals in the Flynn story, as to what he's doing or who he is, is a bit unnaturally dragged out in an attempt to keep the story interesting, which is failing.

It's only episode five, and the trips to the past are repetitive already. They have the same story outline for every episode, and it's just not working. It worked for the pilot, but to make this a serial drama, things have to change, plots can't all have the same twists, and the differences between episodes makes all the difference.

The only difference between these episodes are the setting for their trip to the past, and the discoveries in the (less than) five minutes that they're in the present day learning more about their mission.

Those who enjoy history are the only ones still watching because the concept of time is so flustered, and the overall story arch is amateur.

You can watch Timeless online right here at TV Fanatic, and here's to hoping that next week's episode changes something up and makes the series a bit more compelling to dive into.

The Alamo Review

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