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Flynn has gone to 1954, to crash the Rittenhouse summit. Jiya goes along to serve as Rufus's co-pilot. RIttenhouse troops led by Neville find the warehouse where they've been hiding, right after the Lifeboat leaves. Mason gloats as Christopher is arrested. Flynn confronts Sen. Joseph McCarthy about the Rittenhouse summit. He gave McCarthy photos of Lucy and Wyatt and says they are spies, and they're arrested on the steps of the Capitol. Lucy appeals to Flynn to try something other than killing the members of Rittenhouse. Wyatt takes out his guards and rescues Lucy. Mason helps Christopher escape. Mason is using his access to the NSA server to get dirt on Cahill so Christopher can arrest him. Lucy and Wyatt follow her grandfather Ethan to a gay bar. Jiya collapses and then has seizures. Ethan takes Lucy and Wyatt to the Rittenhouse summit. Lucy gets between Wyatt and Flynn and tells Flynn she wants to help him. Lucy says she has the solution to wipe out Rittenhouse. Lucy sends back Wyatt, Rufus and Jiya in the Lifeboat. Lucy explains to Ethan that she's his grand-daughter. In the present, she and Wyatt go to find Ethan again. Ethan gives Lucy an address with all the evidence he's collected on Rittenhouse over the years. Rufus visits a recuperating Jiya, who tells him she loves him too, before she has another seizure. All the Rittenhouse personnel at Mason Industries get arrested by Christopher. Flynn gets arrested by Christopher as well, right after Lucy gave him information about the man who killed his family. Christopher is letting Lucy have the Lifeboat for one more trip, so she can try to get her sister back. Lucy tries to explain everything to her mother, who tells Lucy that she's Rittenhouse as well. Emma has taken over the Mothership for Rittenhouse. 

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Timeless Season 1 Episode 16 Quotes

Wyatt: Rufus, are you OK to drive?
Rufus: Totally. Only the room's spinning a little.

Flynn: You want to walk out too?
Emma: No. I just want to make sure you don't kill me like you did Anthony.