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The team can't understand why Rittenhouse went back to South Carolina in 1955. So Lucy suggests consulting with Flynn. After much back-and-forth jibing, Flynn gives up an address in Darlington, S.C. The address belongs to Ryan Millerson, Wyatt's racing idol. To Carolyn's dismay, Nicholas is being a diva, requesting old-time items such as a Victrola and pickled eggs. The team arrives at Ryan's house, only to discover that he's racing in the Darlington 500, and that Emma also is looking for him. Wyatt heads off a group of whites about to attack Wendell Scott, the first black stock-car racer. He agrees to introduce them to Ryan, who turns out to be a Rittenhouse sleeper agent. Emma orders them shot, but Wendell tosses in a smoke bomb and rescues them. They tell Wendell that Ryan is a Communist, and that they're Commie hunters. Rittenhouse is seeking to take over the car industry. Rufus burns his arm on Wendell's engine, fulfilling Jiya's earlier vision. Wendell refuses to help them sneak back into the race. Wyatt helps Wendell fix his car, then Wendell changes his mind. He's smuggling Wyatt and Lucy in the hidden compartment in his trunk, which sets off her claustrophobia. A guard checks Wendell's trunk, but the ruse holds up. Lucy and Wyatt are about to kiss when Wendell opens the compartment. Emma brings Ryan's wife to the track, to pressure him. Wyatt breaks into Ryan's press conference and shoots Ryan when he tries to leave. But Ryan had armed the bomb. Emma comes in shooting and Wyatt floors it. The cops are following them, then Wyatt leaves them in the dust. He backs into Wendell's garage, and Rufus disarms the bomb. Christopher has Mason arrested before he gives his speech at the tech conference. Nicholas unveils his grand vision.

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Timeless Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

Wyatt. Awww. You guys really are coastal elites.

Wyatt: [Lucy's] talking about Flynn. And 'hate' does not beginning to touch how I feel about that idea. Number one, he's a psycho. Number two, he's a total psycho. And number three, he thinks he's in jail because we set him up.
Rufus: We did set him up. More you [nodding to Christopher] than us, but who's counting?