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The Mothership jumps to Washington, D.C., on March 30, 1981, the day Reagan was shot. Since versions of Connor and Flynn were alive in 1981, Jiya volunteers to go. During the assassination attempt by John Hinckley, Wyatt saves a young cop, who just got grazed and who turned out to be Denise Christopher. Hinckley gets away in the chaos. Christopher is a target of a sleeper posing as a Secret Service agent. If she is killed, the Lifeboat team would never have been assembled. Lucy and Jiya tell Christopher about Hinckley, but Christopher's mother blows in, demanding she quits being a cop. Before long, her entire large Indian family is there. Wyatt and Rufus track the sleeper. In an elevator brawl, Wyatt subdues the agent, who promises to tell them everything if they don't kill him. Christopher agrees to an arranged marriage, which would also screw up her timeline. Lucy and Jiya convince her to check out Hinckley. They also pretend to be a gay couple, and try to get Christopher back on track. They discover Hinckley slashed himself, to get into the same emergency room as Reagan. The sleeper explained that Rittenhouse bailed out his family financially, in exchange for him becoming their agent. The Secret Service arrests Hinckley. Lucy has a plan to stop Christopher's marriage. Flynn convinces Christopher to go spend time with her family. The sleeper's brother is still after young Christopher. Lucy shows Christopher photos of her future family, to get her to call off the engagement. Christopher's mother slaps her, then Wyatt runs down the gunman with his car. The sleeper hangs himself. Rufus and Jiya agree to find a way to avoid the death she foresaw for him. Flynn told Lucy about how Future Lucy gave him her journal. Jessica is pregnant. 

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Timeless Season 2 Episode 8 Quotes

Lucy: OK. Enough. You've put brooding like a Real Housewife all week.
Rufus: No, I haven't ... you watch the "Real Housewives?"
Lucy: Yes, Rufus. Many people watch truly-awful-for-them-yet-delicious television.

Jiya: I know what you're doing.
Rufus: What am I doing?
Jiya: You're pushing me away.
Rufus: No, I'm not.
Jiya: My dad did the same thing when he thought he was going to die. It doesn't work you know. It just makes you look like a douche bag.