Welcome, Nightwing - Titans
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Dick arrives as Nightwing when it emerges that Deathstroke is ready for one final battle. 

Nightwing manages to overpower Deathstroke as Rose arrives. Nightwing tells Jericho to come out, he joins Rose's body. 

Rose kills her father. 

The Titans head to the carnival to do battle with Conner and Gar. Rachel manages to get through to Gar about what's going on. 

Dick goes into Conner's psyche and lets the light in to save his life. 

They rejoin forces, but Donna sacrifices her life while trying to save Dawn. 

In the aftermath, Donna's funeral is held. The Titans say goodbye to her as Rachel agrees to move on with her life away from San Francisco. 

The Titans say goodbye to Donna, but things take a turn when new villains arrived in town. They set out to go to war. 

Finally, Kory's sister arrived on the planet to set out to cause trouble for her. 

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Titans Season 2 Episode 13 Quotes

This is how it ends.


When we let evil win, it becomes our reality.