Dick: Hey, Rach. You got a second?
Rachel: I'm not that little kid at the police station anymore. You don't need to give me a jacket and tell me, "Everything's going to be okay."

You gotta give it to him. He does the whole bald-headed, charming psychopath thing very well.


Mother Mayhem: You're now at the end of the journey. Tonight we trumpet the Horn, let your father arrive, in the center of their gleaming city. I would love to see Metropolis be the first brought to its knees.
Sebastian: You never asked me what I wanted.
Mother Mayhem: What?
Sebastian: How come you never ask me what I want? We don't need to summon Trigon. I have power. Mother, I have power.
Mother Mayhem: Ah, you have power?
Sebastian: Yeah.
Mother Mayhem: Oh. You're nothing. Without Trigon's power, you will always be nothing.
Sebastian: Nothing?
Mother Mayhem: I gave you destiny. And now you want to shame me? Pathetic child.
Sebastian: Don't, Mother.
Mother Mayhem: Don't call me that. My son would not be a coward. My son would embrace this power.
Sebastian: I am trying. I'm trying. What do you want from me?
Mother Mayhem: You are so... desperately, disgustingly weak. Oh. Are you gonna cry, Sebastian? Are you crying, Sebastian? Piss yourself and cry all you want, but tonight you're gonna use that Horn and you're gonna bring him back to us.

Larry: Finally. You've been asleep for three days.
Gar: What is going on?
Vic: We was hoping that you could tell us. Everything was a hell of a lot less George of the Jungle around here until you rolled up.
Larry: Oh, Gar, meet Vic. There's a 50/50 chance you'll kill each other.
Gar: Nice guns.
Cliff: So you gonna tell us why we've been mowing Mother Nature's bush for the past 72 hours?
Larry: First of all, so wrong. Second, it's not just that the house is blooming. It's also not our house.
Larry: And just to make the madness complete... there's apparently no way out.
Vic: So? Any answers, Broccoli Top?

Gar: Hello?
Courtney: Huh? Are you all right?
Gar: Where am I?
Courtney: You're in Blue Valley. Nebraska.
Gar: Nebraska? Oh! North America.
Courtney: Yeah, you came from nowhere. Just a light in the sky. I saw it. Cosmo! Sorry. Do you need help?
Gar: I need to get to my family.
Courtney: Well, I know how important family is. I get the sense that you do. I need to get to them. Where are they?
Gar: Uh, good question. Take me to my family!
Courtney: Who are you talking to?
Gar: Take me! Oh! Whoa!

Gar: Jinx. Hey. Am I dreaming?
Jinx: Ugh. Still asking the boring questions, I see. Come on, Gar. Are you awake or asleep?
Gar: Why not both? Am I dead?
Jinx: Mmm. No. But I am. Again. Thank you, Titans. I mean, mostly dead. This isn't my first funeral or eve of resurrection.

Gar: Dr. Niles Caulder... cured me of the Green Plague. I was its only survivor.
Dominic: I know. Sakutia killed my family, too. My sister and her children.
Gar: I'm sorry.
Dominic: The outbreak took those we love the most from us. That is why I brought you here. Our shared grief fuels us. I need your help.
Gar: Listen... We all have problems these days, man, I... And I'm sure yours are important. And if I can help you in the future, I will. But right now, I need to get back to my friends. You have no idea the evil we've been up against. Blood moons, curses, demons. I... It may be a matter of life and death that I get back to my friends. Maybe for the entire world.
Dominic: You do not yet know what truly threatens the world.

Dominic: Garfield Logan.
Rachel: Gar, where are you?
Gar: Rachel!
Dіck: Gar!
Gar: Dіck?
Dominic: Yes. Protector of The Red. I have found you.

Kory: I know.
Dick: There's gotta be another way out.
Kory: I tried every road. It's the same thing. We're trapped here.
Dick: It's impossible, we can see the other side.
Kory: Yeah, I mean, we can see it, but we can't get to it. They don't want us to leave.
Kory: Roberta said the Horn of Trigon is protected by his followers. Maybe we need to get the Horn in order to get out.
Dick: So, then, let's go get it. Sheriff Carter invited me for drinks tonight. I think he has the Horn.
Kory: That's our shot.

Sheriff Carter: This monster yours?
Kory: Yes, I'm so sorry. I was under the impression this was a legal parking spot.
Carter: Oh, it is. For a vehicle under 12 feet long. There's a clear sign right when you hit town, it says big dogs like this, not allowed.
Dick: Rules are rules. I was a detective in Detroit. Totally get it.
Carter: Well, laws separate us from the animals, don't they?

Megan: Uh, be right back to get your order.
Kory: What was that?
Rachel: She's afraid.
Dick: Of us?
Rachel: I think so.

What the hell? Where did they go?


Titans Quotes

Fuck Batman.


Criminal 1: Where’s Batman?
Criminal 2: Hey, I heard he’s alone.