Yeah, because who wouldn't want to use the Bat plane?


Barbara: Thanks, Dick.
Dick: Thank you.

This is bullshit.


Tim: Dick said to cut the red wire.
Gar: It's never the red wire.

Don't kill her. Crane wants her alive.


I know it's a lot to ask, but please, will you help me?


Connor: Why are you doing this? You know Kryptonians can't survive on Tamaran. Why do you even want to go back? You said it yourself, they never appreciated you.
Blackfire: But now it's different. Now I'm their Queen.
Connor: So you need to be a Queen to matter? You mattered to me from the moment I saw you. Komand'r, stay here with me. To hell with everyone else.
Blackfire: I wish I could. But it's not that simple.
Connor: So you're just like the rest of them. You promise one thing and then change the rules.
Blackfire: I meant what I said about wanting us to be together. But ever since I was a girl, there's been a voice inside me that says that I am meant to be more than what others make me out to be. Now I finally know. That voice was telling me who I really am. If I don't go back to Tamaran, I won't be home. If I don't go back now, I never will.

Your story begins the night your parents died.


Tim: I live in Chinatown.
Donna: Good old Gotham City.

This conversation isn't over.

Tim's Dad

Gar: What's wrong?
Rachel: Something's happening to Dick.

This is the Lazarus Pit.


Titans Quotes

Fuck Batman.


Criminal 1: Where’s Batman?
Criminal 2: Hey, I heard he’s alone.