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-Clea insists that Jake be returned to the special boarding school for evaluation but he escapes, again.

-Martin tracks down the phone number Jake keeps writing and it leads him to a pawn shop where he saves Arnie, the owner's life during a robbery. Arnie is injured and taken to the hospital.

-At work, Martin transfers a dog into the custody of Rebecca, a flight attendant who is tasked with accompanying it to Moscow. The dog gets loose and runs off. Rebecca runs into a man and causes him to drop his father's ashes. He plans to scatter them on the field at New York baseball stadium. Rebecca offers to help.

-Pavel, a kid in Russia is upset because no other kids in school will speak to him. A girl tells him it is because his father is part of the mob and hurts people. Pavel refuses to believe it.

-Martin finds Jake on a bus and follows him back to the pawn shop where he realizes that the phone number is for Arnie's apartment upstairs where there is an envelope with $10,000.

-Martin and Jake head to the hospital but Arnie is gone.  He is outside and about to jump off a bridge.  He was paying the robber to kill him so his estranged daughter could get his life insurance money.  Martin stops his suicide attempt just as Rebecca, his daughter runs up chasing the dog.  Father and daughter reunite.

-When the robber can't get his $10,000 and can't sell his prize baseball, he goes to the stadium to return it to the player who hit the home run with it. On his way out, he leaves the door open and the man with the ashes enters.

-The robber is about to take a beating from the Russian loan shark he owes the $10,000 to when Pavel calls his father. He asks if it's true. Does he hurt people for a living?  The mobster tells his son it isn't true and that people can change. He lets the robber leave, unharmed.

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Touch Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Arnie: What do you want?
Martin: I don't know, yet.

Go to work. Stay below the radar and let me try and help your son.