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-Martin finds proof that Amelia isn't dead but someone knocks him out and steals it.  He later wakes up on the subway tracks and is nearly killed.

-The Board and Care facility calls a surprise custody hearing and gains full custody of Jake. Sheri bullies Clea into siding with her and betraying Martin during the hearing. 

-The Aster Corp steals all of Teller's research and plans to send Jake to a facility upstate. Martin buys a gun to try and stop it but Jake disappears. Clea put him in a cab and sent him to Martin who finds him at Sarah's grave.

-Avram helps Jake and Martin escape but the numbers at the bus station change the plan and send them to Los Angeles. Along the way Aster Corps' men try to take Jake but Martin runs into Randall who is following his lottery numbers and they cross paths.  Randall gives them his car to flee.

-Lucy, Amelia's mother is estranged from her husband because she still believes Amelia's alive and she's looking for her. She follows Amelia's numbers that track weather and tide patterns and ends up on a pier on the west coast.

-Lucy runs into Martin and Jake and tells them she's looking for her daughter, Amelia.  Martin realizes who she as Jake grabs and hold his father's hand for the first time.

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Touch Season 1 Episode 11 Quotes

It's possible to break free even after years of circling the same waters


Items that get caught in the gyre are doomed to stay in the gyre.