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-Martin asks Abigail to help him keep the state from taking custody of Jake but using her corporation's connection.  She agrees.

-Jake's numbers lead Martin into the middle of a cargo container heist at a shipyard.  Martin tries to prevent Joey from going through with the heist when he realizes he's only doing it to pay for his wife's medication after being fired.

-The numbers eventually lead them to a container filled with immigrants from Palestine seeking political asylum.  Martin uses the situation to get Joey his job back.

-In Palestine, Tomer helps his girlfriend by getting a message from her brother who is in jail.  When he passes along that the numbers have changed to a contact in the US, Martin then finds the cargo container filled with people.

-Clea witnesses Sheri pushing Jake through a series of tests as someone for Aster Corp watches via video.  Clea confronts Abigail about the connection.

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Touch Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

When you speak the language, follow the logic, you can predict the next step.


Symmetry is the language of the universe.