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The season finale of Touch started off with the adventures of 29,000 rubber duckies and ended with a meeting on a pier. "Gyre" took viewers on a ride that introduced new twists and brought back familiar faces.

The most interesting twists had to do with the mysterious Amelia. Looks like she's not dead and has most likely been playing with toy cars in room six. Or at least she was. If Amelia's alive it's anyone's guess where she is now. I doubt Sheri or her puppet masters at Aster Corp. would risk keeping her at the board and care facility with Clea and Martin sniffing around.

Jake & Martin in California

Sheri stopped straddling the line and embraced her evil persona but without any information about why she'd push the children in her care beyond their limits it was hard to understand her motivations. I'd prefer to know what makes my villains tick.

And what of Aster Corp.? Why did it need these children to gain power and knowledge and was it really worth stealing them from their parents and faking their deaths? Does their desire to play God factor into these gifted 36 and what were Avram's associates so afraid would happen if Jake and Amelia should meet?

I'd really begun to doubt Clea for a bit but was thrilled to see her come through for Martin and Jake. Although I don't know that putting a severely autistic child in the back of a cab by himself was the safest course of action, I suppose she did the best she could with the opportunity she had.

I was thrilled to see Maria Bello come on board as Lucy, Amelia's mom. She had some great moments but she had me shaking my head when she said in this Touch quote

 No offense but I've seen one too many horror films about women picking up hitch hikers. | permalink

Then she proceeded to let him walk up to her and show her his phone. Perhaps she needs to watch a few more movies because that's when the killer drags the woman into his open car door.

It was great fun to see some of the characters we've seen throughout the season come back. Randall I sort of expected but Arnie and The Invisible Prince were enjoyable surprises.

And out of all the side stories, the Japanese family still struggling to recover after the tsunami was definitely the best.

Touch left me with several thoughts at the end of the season:

  • Whose side is Abigail on? Does she really have Jake's best interest at heart or is she just another Aster Corp. pawn?
  • Where the heck is poor Amelia and who is taking care of her?
  • Will we see more of the mystical 36 next season?
  • The Japanese twins were really annoying. Please don't bring them back.
  • Can we see more of Martin as a reporter? He's more fun when he's chasing a story instead of just chasing Jake.

With Jake and Martin are on the run and paired with Lucy, what's next? Now that Jake will touch his father, how will that change him? What are you hoping to see on the second season of Touch?

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